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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ways to Make Runescape Money: Merchantism

* Merchantism:

This is how a lot of players in runescape make their quick millions.

Question: What is Merchantism?

Answer: Merchantism is the act of making profits, by simply buying items realcheap and selling for higher prices.

* Merchantism tips and tricks:

* Always keep a good amount of cash on hand, Only spend about 1/3rd to1/2 of your current money for the merchandise you're going to sell. You just might see a good deal while you are selling.
* Start out by only merchanting 5 to 6 items at a time.
* Buy in Bulk and sell in bulk. Be sure to buy stuff low and sell high.
* Selling in the game can take a while. For bulk items use the forums for buyers. If you are a member then make a post on the bulk items you are wanting to sell. You usually always get a buyer for ores and bars within 5-10 minutes from a forum posting.
* Avoid scams at all costs. Many merchants get scammed easily. I evengot scammed myself. Be sure to always double check the last trade window before making a trade. If the deal sounds to good to be true thenstay away or approach with caution.
* Be firm on your prices, many players try to talk you into lowering prices. Be firm and walk away a couple steps, there is a 75 percent chance thathe'll give in and buy your items.
* To make quicker cash by merchantism do bulk trades or high priced items over 100k
* Always keep a calculator at hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Hot items and biggest profit items for merchantism:

* One of the biggest profit items is Iron ore. Buy iron ore for around 25 to 50 gold coins each. This is very easy to buy and is very plentiful. ( My dirty little secret: I hire iron miners and pay them 35 each. I currently have 15 iron miners that bring around 25,000-50,000 iron ore per week. I pay them their paychecks each Friday. So If I get 40,000 iron ores that week I end up paying my miners 1.4 million gold coins for 40,000 iron ore at 35 gold coins a piece. I then take all the iron ore and sell it for 100 each to other players. So 40,000 times 100 each equals 4 million gold coins. So I just Profited 2.6 million gold coins from my 15 miners.) Once you get heaps of iron ores, then sell them for 100 gold coins each.
* Steel bars is still hot now. Try to buy these for around 250-350 each and resell these for 500 to 600 gold coins each.
* Coal is also a hot item, and the fallowing ores, iron ore, coal, silver, gold, mith, addy and rune. All these bars are also hot.
* You can also get huge profits from rare holiday drops if you can find good deals.

To get started in merchantism find about 5-6 hot items you would like to buy cheap and resell for higher profits. World 1 market is a good place to sell your items. This place is also full of scammers so be careful. Buy all your items in other worlds, try not to buy items in world 1 due to the heavy amount of scammers. This guide also contains a street price guide on most runescape items.

When I was a low level player about a year ago, I started merchantism once I was able to go to the champions guild. I had purchased rune maces for 14.5 k each and resold them to lvl 30-40 players for 18-25k each. After this I got hooked and started on other items. Use items that you are very familiar with and stay away from items you don't have much knowledge of. Once you get to know the low and high prices of items, then you will start making more and more money and you can add in more items to merchantism. Always sell your items in notes. Weapons and armor will be ok not to sell in notes.

Congratulations!!!! You now know the basics of Merchantism and can now
make your millions in no time.


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