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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Runescape Pking Guide

Runescape pking is an artform, if you're going to master it you should definately read this guide. It's got everything you need to know about pking.

Submitted By "Hou Ti"

Player Killing - Introduction As well as fighting the computer controlled monsters and characters you can also choose to directly fight with other players. Fighting against other players is often a lot more dangerous because they have a much greater variety of ways to fight than monsters. Also in multiway combat areas watch out because their friends could be lurking behind a tree ready to finish you off! Killing other players can potentially give great rewards if they are holding valuable items.

However attacking another player sets your alignment to 'evil', and a skull appears above your head to indicate this. As longer as your player is marked with a skull the risk is greater. If you die you will drop everything you are holding (you won't get to keep your 3 best items like you normally do!). If you play for 20 minutes without attacking anyone, the skull will disappear and the 3 item protection will work again. Not everybody likes fighting other players, so to do it you have to go to a special area of the map known as 'the wilderness'.

Reaching the wilderness is easy, just keep on walking north and eventually you will get there. The wilderness is a desolate area full of death and danger. As well as the extra risk of attack from other players there are also many nasty monsters. However the rewards are also greater, and there is more treasure to be found if you dare to enter this area. When you enter the wilderness an icon at the bottom right of the screen will appear to remind you. This also indicates how far into the wilderness you have gone. The further north you go the more dangerous the wilderness becomes.

At the south edge of the wilderness you can only fight with players who are a very similar level to yourself, whereas as you go north the range allowed increases, and by the north edge players of vastly different abilities can engage in combat and the danger is great! A further note to those with the power of teleportation - the evil auras that have built up in the wilderness are blocking teleportation to wilderness levels above 20, on the other hand the power of the glory amulet will allow you to teleport at a level 30 or below.

Fighting Classes:

Mage -VS- Warrior

(Warrior): The mage will likely attempt to "hold" the warrior as quickly as possible, retreat to a safe distance and unleash with some spells. Since all of the big armour (plate and chain) carries negative bonuses to magical defence, your best plan is to take off all your armour or change to more appropriate attire, such as Dragonhide or studded leather. Quick thrown weapons are a good way to distract your opponent, and to poison him / her. This may give the warrior a few seconds to get in close and hit the mage with his primary weapon. The mage is not likely to be wearing any armour, so don't worry about which attack style you are using.
(Mage): The warrior is dangerous at close range and useless at any distance - the simple tactics are to hold the warrior using one of the bind spells and start firing in damaging spells, or weaken or confuse your opponent from distance. If the player gets in close defend yourself using your staff and wait for another opportunity to hold them. If you're a particularly high level mage, you may be able to wear some armour while fending off the warriors advances and continue hitting him with your spells. Do remember that the armour will reduce your ability to cast magic.

Range -VS- Warrior

(Warrior): You have excellent defence vs rangers if you're wearing your standard plate set, so you have little to worry about. Make sure you have a few cure poison potions to stop the blighter from sticking you with a poisoned arrow and wade into him with your primary weapon. If he is using Dragonhide or leather armour, your best bet is to hack him down with stabbing or slashing weapons.

(Ranger): This is your toughest fight. A warrior has excellent defence vs your projectile attacks, and your armour is unlikely to stand up to the battering from a well placed blade. One available option is to run and get some distance between you and your target - hopefully put a forest between you so you can rain arrows down while he / she is picking her way through the forest. If the warrior gets close your in trouble. You could put on some chainmail instead as this offers better protection from the warrior, but offers no bonus to your ranged attack. Try to lead the warrior to a busier area; with any luck the warrior will get distracted and you can retreat to distance. Poisoning your projectiles is always useful as this can often distract the warrior for a few vital seconds.

Mage -VS- Range

(Range): Your leather armours give you the best defence vs spells, so you won't be getting hit that often by his magic. Fortunately for you, Robes offer no protection against your projectiles so stand back and turn him into a pin-cushion. At close ranges use throwing weapons and your shortbows, as they are quick and effective. If the Mage tries to run you can pull out your longbow, with a much greater range than any other weapon he will have trouble getting out of your reach. Always use poisoned weapons if you can, as the extra damage really adds up.

(Mage): Rangers will give you the most trouble, as your hold spells won't affect their ability to attack you. In addition, they often have a very good defence vs magic due to their leather armour, particularly if they are wearing Dragonhide. Leather is also fairly strong against Crush attacks, so your staff won't be too much use up close either. Your best bet is to just blast away with your best damage spells and hope they hit; forget using your other spells as they won't help. You'll probably need some cure poison potions, as arrows/daggers/darts/and javelins can all be poisoned. If all else fails, you can always run to the lower wilderness and teleport out.

Team Guide

Team guide is actually a guide for what players should be in your team. Remember to have friends that you have known for quite a while and no more than 2 that you have barely found. If you have more of the ones that you have barely become friends with than if you had more that you have known, chances are that you are dead. Remember to have people 3 more or less levels than you. If you don't, then it will be hard to pk. The more people you have, the stronger your team becomes. Here is a list of what people you should have:

3 Warriors
2 Mages
3 Rangers
2 Warriors
4 Mages
2 Rangers

If your team is too big, it will show up on the map and drive players away. It is a good idea to be separate from your team. If you have 8 then 4 should be on the left and 4 should be on the right. Also, you should have a 'Bait' character. Baits are important for a Bronze & Brain team. To have a bait char he should have: A skull above they're heads, Adamant Armour and up*, Dragon armours*, Adamant Weapons and up*, having no armour on, and a low level at a high leveled wilderness area. * Means that if they have a skull above their head that the other Pker would be tempted to attack him. Also, luring tips are: Saying that you have food, saying that "Don't attack me, I have to give my friend 100k for 2 r2h's" and sorts like that. So, think like the Pker, ask yourself "Why would a Pker want? What would I do to get it?" things like that now time to move on to Pker classes.

Setups and Equipment

Ranged Pker:
Boots, Gloves and Cape are optional
Full Dragon armour
Oak Long Bow
A bundle or Arrows (Steel Or better)

Magic Pker:
Wizard Robs (If members, Blue hat(w), Blue top, Red bottom)
Magic Staff or Battle Staff
Runes - Death, blood, Bind/Snare spells
Antifire Dragon Sheild is optional

Medium Warrior:
Medium Helmet
Chain Mail
Plated Legs/Skirt
Boots and Gloves
Square Sheild
Any colour cape

Ultimate Warrior:
Rune Large
Rune Chest/legs Plate
Gloves & boots
Dragon Long/bAxe
Amulet Of Glory
*Notes* A warrior also might want to carry a set of dragon hide armour to with him, to block mage attacks if in trouble.

Prayer Beast:
Monk Robes T&B
Holy or Unholy blessed Symbol
Gloves & boots
Food/Prayer potions
Weapon Of Choice
Magic Spells are optional

Custom Player Killer
To make a good Pker you need to know the basics, proper combinations. Example, you can't make a warrior hybrid with a mage. It won't due. Or make a Mage with leather. That won't work. Remember a couple of things:

Attack Status Changes
Pay attention to your attack bonuses. If you want to have accurate ranging, don't use things with negative ranged effects like metal armours use leather. If you want an effective Knight killer, use weapons with strong crush bonuses like war hammers or two-handed swords.

Defense Status Changes
Study all of the Pker templates, use the equipment, and see what are there strengths and weaknesses and use it against them!

What is my strongest Choice?
It all depends on you level patterns. If your magic level is 45 then you might want to stick with magic not ranging. Remember, study all the Pkers and see what best fits you

Player Killing Tips

When Pking always have these in mind:
1. Only trust your closest friends
2. Bring at least 1 or more people with you.
3. The default for a good team is 1 ranger and 1 mage
4. Always have telegrab spells ready, you never know!
5. Don't eat during a fight. Chances are that while you're eating all the food will be wasted! Eat during running so the pker will have a hard time catching you, and if your smart, run south.
6. Make sure to mix your teams up with mages, rangers, and warriors to balance the triangle.
7. Make sure your team won't Pk you!
8. Have your teleport spells ready so you wont have to run all the way back or if your really in trouble, teleport.
9. Remember teleport spell restrictions are if your lower than level 20 wilderness, you can teleport any higher you're on thin ice.
10. If you can't teleport run for at least 10 seconds while clicking on logout.
11. If someone is running, use ranged and magic. No matter what your
level to ensure that they won't logout.
12. If you're a mage or wizard, remember to use ensnare magic.
13. Make a bait player, for example: Make Stupid1 run into the wilderness where there is most likely to be a Pker. When he attacks him he will have a skull making you have more spoils!


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