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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fishing Guide to Earn Runescape money

Do You Wanna Know How To Get To 99 Fishing? And Make Mills Selling Sharks For 1k Each? Then This Guide Is For You!!
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ lvl 1-20 Catch Shrimp in Al Kharid (Members: Catherby)
lvl 20-30 Catch Sardines and Herrings below Draynor Village (Members: Catherby)
lvl 30-70 Catch Trout and Salmon in Barbarian Village (Members: Shilo Village)
lvl 70-85 Catch Lobsters in Karamja (Members: Fishing Guild or Catherby)
lvl 85-99 F2P stick with Lobsters, Members Switch to Sharks
Current Prices of Raw Fish:
Shrimp: 1-10gp
Sardines: 10-15gp
Herring: 15-20gp
Trout: 30-50gp
Salmon: 50-70gp
Lobster: 230-250gp
Shark: 950-1k
Hope This Guide Helps, Feel Free To Comment And/Or Make Suggestions


Anonymous said...

this guide is noob as hell
the fastest way to get is is this way noob

1-5 shrimps
5-15 baitfishing
15-85 flyfishing or 60-85 lobs
!!!!85-90 cavefish fastest xp!!!!
!!!!90-99 rocktail !!!!!
rocktail is best xp AND cash in the game 50k xp PER HOUR

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