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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Runescape Tips: Attack Guide

This guide is to get you to level 99 attack it wont be completely done for a while but im working on it
Table of Contents
Level 1-19 Im a newb tryin to raise my attack
Level 20-39 Nice im hitting more accuratly
Level 40-59 Rune!
Level 60-79 Abyysal whip time
Level 80-98 Goodbye 0s
Level 99 I am a master of Attack

Level 1-19 Im a newb tryin to raise attack
Ok so your a newb you probably wont be looking on the forums for a guide but who cares your getting one!
Ok first off get a bronze/iron weapon although i recomend iron cause its stronger and more accurate and since we are working on attack iron makes more since but since your a newb you probably cant afford iron yet
Ok id recomend a iron dagger
Dont be fooled by how weak it is i find daggers to be really accurate and its fast
Although at level 1 attack nothing will be really accurate yet...
After you get your iron weapon go get some armour i recommend of course iron but if you cant offord yet get bronze
now get some newb food like shrimp but stock up! Cause it really stinks when your in the middle of training and run out of food.
Now go to edgeville (i really recommend this espacially if your a member although at your level you probably wont be a member yet.)
Now there will be a house North of the bank there it is full of level 1 men train there till level 5 attack
Once level 5 get a steel weapon i recommend steel dagger
Now buy some full iron if you havent already
(If your a member you can start recipe for disaster and get iron gloves and buy iron boots off the street but the problem is that i dont think you can get very far in recipe for disaster at your level and i dont think anyone will sell iron boots cause noone buys them)
Keep training on them men there espacially if your a member for a clue scroll (I love them) get to 10 attack here
Now get a black weapon (daggers still recommended)
Now train on level 2 goblins get to level 20 here
Level 20-39 Nice im hitting more accurately
Now that your level 20 Attack lets move to the next level of training
Now get a mithril weapon
if your a member train on rock crabs they have level 50 hitpoints so thats 200 Attack experaince per kill (awsome)
you can train here till level 40 attack
Now for the freebies reading this guide member can still use this method but its slower
Train on Barbarians at barbarian village till level 25
Now on to the Varrock sewers (a good place to train) kill the zombies there till 30 attack
Now buy a adament weapon
Now your probably hitting a little accurate by now
Now go to the scorpions at Varrock Sewer till level 40

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