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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Runescape:The Birdie Guide (quick tips)

Read my quick guide before you post a question thread.
1. Make sure you are at a place designed for bird hunting (duh)
2. Put the trap where you see some birds but not many people
3. Don't stand near your trap; or wear camo for extra success
4. If you see that a bird has set off your trap but didn't get caught, reset the trap. You can tell if the trap is set off if the little thing near the bottom has dropped on the ground
5. When i started I did tracking first..started birds at lvl 6-7. I personally think trapping is more fun but birds are easier..and of course as you lvl up it will get faster.
Locations: (you could look at the guide on the RS site it would probably be better but for quick reference, here it is)
~Crimson Swifts: Feldip Hills <----I don't know much about that one
~Golden Warblers: The desert, if you travel east a bit, across a bridge. Look on the map for the icon.
~Copper Longtails: Northwest of the gnome stronghold. Travel north alot until you see alot of people.
~Cerulean Twitches: Go to Relekka (before you go inside the Fremenik place) and travel North-east until you see snow.
~Tropical Wagtails: Feldip Hills

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