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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Guide to RS Gp's

First 500k or so
I am making a money making guide for all to enjoy and benefit from. There is one thing that will never change in runescape. If your not a high level player, or do not have lotsa gp, you will most likely not be taken seriously in most matters. This guide is to help those of you who are poor, and just want a few items to make your gaming experience more enjoyful.If this guide has helped you an anyway I would appreciate to hear about it. To begin youll need about 100-300k to begin with. Keep reading and you will find ways to make this easily.

~chaos druids~

Killing chaos druids can be very very profitable. They are low cb lvl and they are very common unid droppers. These unids
sell for 1k each and if they are above the ranarr herb for 1.5 to 2k each!This brings an about 150 to 200k an hour for me.

~water filled vials~

This is rather slow but more profit.First off go to adrougne general shop and buy the vials there for 12 gp each, after about
1 or 2k vials go fill them with water in fally. Finnaly selll them on forums for 200-250ea!!! this is very nice profit but
very tiring.

~snape grass~ This is extremely profitable!!!!

First go to the little bit of land that sticks out underneath the crafting guild. there is a spawn of snape grass.
Pick this then sell on forums for a nice bit of money.


Flax is a very good money maker for people need a quick 100k or so. To begin with go to seers village.
Below Pete's Part room there is a feild of flax. Pick this flax. Bank.Repeat. These nifty little flowers sell for 100 gp
So that is 2800gp per trip. An average load take about 45 seconds to complete.
If u would like a bit more money per trip and have level 10 crafting, go to the spinning wheel on the way to the bank .
Spin the flax into bow strings and sell them for 150- 190 each.

~ Nature/Law Run ~

This is pretty simple. To Nature run you find a crafter who will pay about 10k per run. Then you give your 25 ess to him
inside the nature rune alter, and he will trade you 25 more ess plus the money. You run to the general store unnote the ess
and go again. If your making 10k a run and it takes 2 minutes a run,. That's 300k an hour!To law run bring the ess to
entranta to a law running world and trade the people your ess for laws. Laws go for 300-350 ea so your making 200-250k for
every 1k laws you do.

~ Laws ~

Go to Ape atol, And head for the Rune shop there, now buy as many Laws as you can for the maximium price of 280 each,
(important that you do not go any higher.)Then go to a busy world and sell for 300+. I wouldnt use forums, as many people only buy for 300gp each on forums.

~ Eyes of Newts ~
The port sarim mage shops sells eyes of newts for 3 gp ea.Eyes of newt go for about 250 each so u make 247k profit p. That's a 257k profit every 1k eye of newts you get. Do this one or two times and you will be all set. This is pretty good money but can get boring at times.

~from 500k to 1m~

~ Water Runes ~

If you do this right, you can double your money every time. Go to the port sarim rune shop and buy the water runes until they hit 15 ea. They switch worlds and do it again.
You can get about 25k-30k water runes. (this does not take as long as you think ). Then go on the forums and sell these runes's for 25 ea. Keep repeating this as much as you want or until 1m.

~ Bronze Arrows ~

Believe it or not alot of people have made alot of money of these. What you want to do is go to the arrow shop in varrock and buy them out, then switch worlds.They cost a max of 6ea so you can get 50k arrows. Now sell these on forums for 20 ea.Nice profit. You can also use the arrow store in catherby

~ Cooked Lobsters ~

Go to the fourms and buy these for 190-200 gp ea. Now make your way to edgeville in a busy f2p pking world. Sell them for
230-250 ea. Pretty nice profit.

~ Nature Runes ~
You can buy these in Ali's crate/mage shop for 225 ea. Sell them on the fourms for 330-350 ea. Almost 100 gp profit per rune.

1m to 5m~

Hopefully you have 1m by now. If you really want the big bucks(ok gps....) then do not spend it.

I will list a few more methods, but you can do the previous methods in bulk (*.*. Buy more waters , arrows newts ect.)

~ Pure Essence ~
This is a pretty decent mehtod. Go to a crowded p2p world in varrock east or faldor bank,and buy pure ess for 90 ea
( maybe 95 ea). You can get a large ammount. Then you go and sell it for 105-115 ea. This makes me about a mill or so an hour.

~Range Pots~ These can be very profitable as well. Go to the forums and buy as many range pots as u cna for 3.5 to 4k eachthen take them to edgeville world 18 and sell them for 5k each that about 1k profit per pot!!! I can make about 3m a day doing this

~ Oak Logs ~

Go to draynor bank in world 1. Buy all the oaks you can for 25 ea. Now sell the oaks for 40 ea on forums. 600k profit every mill you spend. These aren't the easiest to buy, but make a nice profit in the long run.

~ Willow Logs ~

Just as good as oak if not better, and easier to buy. Go to a f2p world with 1000 or more people in it. Buy willows for 30 gp ea. Then go to the fourms and sell them for 40 ea. This is a very easy method because many ppl buy willows for fletchign and firemaking.

~ Oaks to Planks ~

Do the amount of money you have divided by 290. (1m is 3.4k) It cost 40 gp each oak log and 250 ea to make them into oak planks. Also the best place for buying Raw Materials such as logs, has got to be world 1 F2p Westvarrock Bank or the forums.Turn public chat off, and just keep saying what your buying, that way your not distracted by other people and you can see
the trade offers easily. Now put all your money in your invontory and withdraw 27 oaks. Go make them into planks at the sawmill near varrock. Now you can sell oak planks for 500 ea making a 210 profit a plank. This is really nice money. And doesnt take as long as you would think.

~5 to 10m~

Congratualtions you can finnaly afford some decent stuff! Next step is to give me all that youve jk.I still
reccomend to the items such as waters and bronze arrows with extreme bulk quantitys now.

Here are some more methods to help get you from 5 to 10m.


Simply go to world 2 falador and buy cannons for 500-550k and resell them for 600k.this is an average money maker.

~ Mage Arena ~

Go to the mage arena in 55 wild. Then withdraw your money from the bank. World hop and buy all the deaths and nats.
You should at least be making atleats 2m profit every 5m u spend.

~ Barrows ~

Which sets to buy/sell:

The best sets to buy are any xcept karils.As it is not commonly bought, and is harder to sell

How to buy the pieces:

1. Go to fally park world 2 and find the barrows set you wish to merchant. And buy the sets or pieces for 100k-200k under priced and sell for 100k-200k more on the forums or in fally. This may take a while but can be very profitful.

2. Make a thread on the forums entitling the fact that your buying all barrows parts, put every piece 100k under priced and then when you have a few items go to world 2 and sell and repeat.

~ Ranger Set*

go to fally park world 2 and but a ranger set for 4.8m. Now go to the fourms and sell it for 4.8-5m. a nice and easy profit with little to no effort.

Dragon scimmys---buy for 90k or less, sell for 100k

Dragon longs---buy for 90k or less sell for 100k

Dragon bones---buy for 1.9k in bbulk sell for 2.1k

~ 10m+ ~

By now you can do a few things. You can stick with barrows, or you could stick with buying bronze arrows in bulk or waters.

~ Furys *

Go to the fourms and buy 66k chaos runes for 120 gp ea. ( 7.92m ). Now sell them to the toukull place in the tzharr cave on karajama.
When you done selling them you should be able to buy 2 onyx's from the shop. Now find a trusted free crafter to make them into fury's,
or pay someone about 20k to craft one for you(ask for premade!).Now sell these fury's for 4.6-4.8m ea. This method can make
you loads of money in a little amount of time.

~ The secret to merchanting rares~

Now if you notice phats and most other rares drop when a update comes out.This is your time to Buy. Buy it when its few mill down. Then wait until prices go back to normal and always try to sell it at night ( when there worth the most ). remember always try to make the flip as quick as possible. never invest unless you wont be playing for a little while. i don't suggest doing this with half wines, pumpkins, or disk of returning as they are not as commonly boughten as the others.

~ Nice lil tip ~

During system updates shops completely restock themselves. SO go to any rune shop and buy every rune untill its about 5 gp belowits market price.World hop as many times as possible.

Rune shops.

Mage arena
Port Sarim
Pest control
Magic guild(if your lvl 68 magic or 65 and have a mind bomb)

~Usings skills~

~ woodcutting ~

Once you get woodcutting to 75 you can cut magic's and yews. it takes me about 20 minutes each load of magic's and 10 minutes each load of yews.
if you cut magic's thats about 60k an hour. You can also cut willows or maples witch go really quick at 75 wc. Willows sell for 40 ea and
maples sell for 100 ea. not to bad, but its guaranteed money unlike merchanting. The best place to get willows is near Draynor bank, maples
is south of rellaka, you will see a huge stash of them, yews is in seers or behind varrock if your f2p, and for magic's go to the mage training
arena and there's 2 magic's on either side, you can also go south of seers.

~ Runecrafting ~
Runecrafting can be a profitable skill once you hit 44, Nats sell for usally 300, sometimes more. Buy ess for 100 each or forums, then make sure
you have done the Mage of Zamorak mini quest. Use the abyss to craft nats, you should have at least 3 charged glories, That way you only need to
re-charge your ammys a few times. if you want to craft it all at once you need 10+ glories unless you have pouches, i strongly recommend getting
every pouch you can. As it speeds up crafting time tremedously.
Once you have at least 1k Nats crafted sell them on the forums.

~ fletching ~

ill put it simply. Your not going to profit in fletching until lvl 70 when you can do yew longs. what you do is you buy yews for 280ea and bowstrings
for 150 ea. Then you make them into yew longs. You can sell these for 550k making 100k. you can make even more with mage longs. never alch your bows
unless your planning to cut your own logs.


This is a simple skill. Fish lobbies monkfish or sharks.Thats all there is to it. i reccomend fishing at the guild.

Lobbies sell for 250 each raw and 200 each cooked

Monks sell for 300 each raw and cooked

sharks sell for 950 each raw 900 cooked

~ Crafting ~
Crafting is very under appreciated.. Not a lot of people think of crafting as a good way to make cash. First off to get to lvl 10 crafting. At lvl 10
you can spin bowstrings. Buy your flax for 90-100 ea and spin it. Sell the bowstrings for 180-200 ea. You can also craft full dragon hide sets.
You need 6 hides for a set. green d hide sell for about 1.8k ea, blue d hide is like 2kk ea, red is around 2.5k ea and I think black is 4k ea.
A green full set sells for 10k, blue sells for 10-20k, red sells for 30-50kand black sells for a solid 40-50k. you can also make rings with crafting.
The most profitable ring to make is ring of recoil. these sell for 1k ea! At 90 crafting you can make furys for other ppl.
charge 100k per and u can make massive money.

Another way to make cash with crafting is something I call battlestaving. You buy battlestaffs for about 7k ea. World hop and buy lots of them.
Now go make glass orbs for as many battle staffs as you have. ( 50 battle staffs= 50 orbs ). Now go to enchant the orb. I suggest water orbs,
go way way way back in travlery dungeon past the black demons and fire obelisk. Then go up to that small island to change the orb.
Alch the battle staffs for 9.3k ea.

~ Combat ~
Once you get into the higher combat lvls combat is really good for money. Green and Blue drags are awesome. green hides can go for 1.8k each and
drag bones are another 2.k ea. That's a minimum of 3.8k a drop. Then you can get clue scrolls or pretty good drop for alching. They frequently drop hides go for about 2k ea. That's 4k a drop every blue dragon you kill. Remember dragons have good mage defense
so use melee or range. Also pk-ing is good for money to but youd better be a pure or youll probaly just get owned.


World hopping and mining runite ore can bring in up to 400k per hour. I reccomend using the rocks in the wildy just dont bring anything but a pick
so you dont losee much if you die.

I suggest buying 1k iron ores for 100 each, then buying 10 rings of forging for 2k each max. make them all into bars and then make iron knives.
Another method is buy steel bars for 550 each. Take them and craft them into cannon balls and sell those for about 200 each.


Farming is very good at lvl 32. You cna chain farm ranarr herbs. If you do make sure to use super compost. you can get about 8 herbs per seed and a
seed cost around 20k. If u sell the herbs for 6k each thats about 28k profit per seed. This can add up very quickly.


If u have 65 slayer and a bit of patience. Then u can make lots lots lots of money. Kill dust devils and they rarely drop dragon chainmails!!
AT 85 u cna kill abbysal demons and they drop whips and they are a bit more common then the dragon chains.


magic can be profitable by combining it with fletching. Get your own materials for fletching then buy nats. or vice versa. then high alch your
bows. this can bring in some profit. Other than that magic isnt all that great for money.


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