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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Making 10 million rs gold points in 10 minutes

- This technique is for members only
- Access to the Mages guild is required
- You'll need as much gold as you can bring!
Finally, in this section, I'll explain a well kept secret of the Runescape community.
First off, you'll need to be a member to use this technique, and you must have access to the Magic guild.
The "10 million Gold in 10 Minutes" trick that other paid guides advertise is really quite simple. This technique requires you to have access to the Magic guild during a Runescape update, and it also requires you to have quite a lot of cash on hand.
This trick requires you to be online during a Runescape update. It takes advantage of the fact that when Runescape is updated, all the shops are immediately restocked. The only problem with this is that update times are generally unpredictable. Usually, Jagex performs updates in the morning (EST time) on either Mondays or Tuesdays. Try to play Runescape as much as you can during these times every week, and always keep your eyes peeled for an update.
Once you do encounter an update, though, a timer will start counting down on the game window. As soon as this happens, immediately travel to Yanille (I recommend that keep Yanille teleport runes with you at all times) and withdraw as much gold from the bank as possible. Now head into the Magic guild and proceed to the upstairs rune shop.
Just before the update timer counts down to zero, go back to the server selection page and join a small, less active server. As soon as the game loads, buy as many runes as you can! Don't hesitate, just keep buying! First focus on the Blood Runes (which will yield you the most profit), then buy the Nature Runes, then Death Runes, Law Runes, and finally the Chaos Runes. After the shop's stock runs out, try switching to another server and see if there are still runes left to purchase there.
Once all the runes you can buy are exhausted, join a large server and sell your newly acquired runes! If you're lucky, this method will yield up to 10 million gold instantly.
If you don't have access to the Magic guild, or are stranded somewhere else without Yanille teleport runes, you can also try this technique with other shops that sell very high demand items for cheap. This trick works with the Varrock runes shop as well, for example (although you won't make as much of a profit buying runes from there).
I recommend that you perform this trick on a fast computer with a fast Internet connection, to ensure that the game starts quickly when loading a world. The faster the game loads, the more time you'll have to grab runes.


Cindy said...

No longer works since the update, all sstores have infinite items in stock =\

o and before hte update, the most ive ever made using this method is about 300-500K, since everybody knew about this

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