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Friday, December 14, 2007

Runescape: Agility training

Ok so this is my agility guide. I'm currently 84 agility on my main.

Agility is a skill that people often dismiss as useless and boring to train... This is partly true, getting agility to 50+ is extremely tiresome and gets depressingly boring, however once you hit 52, well its easy from there. So here goes my guide:

Where to train:

Levels 01-25 - Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. This course nets you 86.5 exp. But its the only thing you can do till then effectively so just get down and do it.

Levels 25-52 - For Speed - Skullball. This nets you 750 exp if you complete it under 4 minutes, and the exp you recieve will decrease at approximately 2.66 exp per second. but it's faster than Gnome Stronghold OR Barbarian Outpost, and you can't fail, but there's a catch. It is extremely boring.

Levels 25-35 - Normal - Stay with Gnome Stronghold.

Levels 35-52 - Normal - Barbarian Outpost. Good strategy for this is to tele to ardougne, steal an inventory of cakes, or if you have them banked then use those. Take Ardougne tele runes out of bank. Run to course and then tele back if you need food.

**Note** You need to finish a barcrawl to use this course, the course is simple, but annoying if you dont know how to do it correctly. I will post a guide for this when ive finished with this one. And link it for you

*Congrats* You have 52 agility. Now be prepared for wildy, levels from here are easy to get.

Levels 52-60 - Wilderness Agility. Formerly the best in the game. Beware PKers, bring cake. Damage is proportional to HP.

Levels 60-70* - If you want the fastest exp, then stay with Wilderness, but it is a dangerous method.

Levels 60-70* - For safety use the Werewolf agility course. I don't recommend this, honestly, because it's slower, you fail FAR more often by bringing anything (Please, boots of lightness, nothing else, keep weight negative, if you do bring food only a few cakes!). Also requires Ring of Charos.

Levels 70* - 99 - All - Ape Atoll! The best course in the game. Virtually zero failure rate beginning at level 74-75. Yay exponents.

When you get to that, congrats, you beat me! ******* (Lol im joking really..)

XP Comparisons:

Wilderness: Lv52 - 571.4xp - Approximately 35 seconds a lap, running. Can be failed at any level, though very rarely by 99 (Once every 10 mins for me). Has PKers, damage varies by health. 2nd by speed ranking.

Werewolf: Lv60 - 540.0xp - Approximately 50 seconds a lap, running. Can be failed at any level IF you have zero Kg or more in weight, and even in the negatives at lower levels (60s, 70). No PKers, great for energy potions, easy recovery if all you bring are boots of lightness, ectophial, and ring of charos. (Or teleport via house or ancient magicks). Quest: Creature of Fenkenstrain. 3rd by speed ranking.

Ape Atoll: Lv48 - 580.0xp - Approx. 30 seconds a lap, running. High failure rates for the first 20 levels, exponentially decreasing to zero by mid-70s. Damage proportional to HP, food also found nearby. Easily accessed by Ape Atoll Teleport, requires quest: Monkey Madness. The best course, and despite having similar round times to Wilderness, much of the course is composed of obstacles instead of land, so you can run much longer. 1st by speed ranking.

Brimhaven: Lv40 - 240-320xp per ticket, plus 60-100xp in acquiring tickets - Tickets move about every 59.5 seconds. Time it yourself, it's very slightly under 60 seconds. Has the highest failure rates by level 99, and can lower agility with darts. Damage varies by health, bring cakes to decrease weight and eat in increments. More entertaining to most people than running in circles. 4th by speed ranking.

Course Locations:

Gnome Stronghold:

Requirements: 1 Agility :unsure:
This course is in the Gnome Stronghold.
Closest teleport spot: Ardougne
*Note* If you have completed "Tree Gnome Village" then teleport to Ardougne and then use the spirit tree to the south of the zoo to get there faster.

Skullball Course:

Requirements: 25 Agility
This is south east of canfis, you need ring of charos to enter. Go down the trapdoor.

Barbarian Outpost:

Requirements: 35 Agility
This course is north of Ardougne. Also near where you start the Dwarf Cannon quest.
Closest Teleport: Seers (run west) or Ardougne (run north)
*Note* You need to have completed the barcrawl for this, to start the barcrawl speak to the barbarians at the entrance to the course. they wil give you the card to complete it.


Requirements: 52 agility (High combat also helps)
This is in lvl 52-56 wilderness. Easiest way to get there is to tele to Ardougne, store all items in bank, and get a sharp object (I suggest a knife). Then run to the gate of West Ardougne, you will see a small house with a teleport lever in it. Pull the lever, run north, cut the web if need be. Then run west. Pass mage arena. If you see the red quest symbol, this is another lever to a bank, very useful. If you dont need to bank, continue running west, go south slightly and you will see the gate to the course. You will need to cross the raised bit to get there (It is failable).
Closest Teleport: Ardougne
*Note* Beware of pkers, if you need bring a dds to ward off pkers.

Werewolf Course:

Requirements: 60 Agility
This is south east of canfis, you need ring of charos to enter. Go down the trapdoor.


Ape Atol Course:

Requirements: 48 Agility, a Ninja Monkey Greegree and monkey madness to be completed.
This course is on ape atol... Lol you must know where it is!
Closest Teleport: Ape Atol (requires part of Recipe For Disaster to be completed) or any gliders (take them to gnome stronghold, then glide to ape atol)


1) Pictures of courses and their locations.
2) Exp charts of each obstacle in each course

Ok thats my bit!!
Please post feedback on this it took me a long time to write.


People keep telling me that Brimhaven is fast experience, do not use this course.


It takes about 3 weeks to get 300,000 exp (1000 tickets)

You fail much, much more in this arena than any other place (ever at high agility levels)

Its monotinously boring lol

Exp comparisons:
Wildy course - 590 exp in approx 30 seconds
Ape Atol - 570 exp in about 30 seconds
Brimhaven - 2 tickets (roughly 500 exp) in approx 2 minutes.

You see where im coming from. So please stop posting about brimhaven, its terrible


keeper18 said...

thnx for the help!! needed to get to 70 agility for killing some blue dragons ( way easier with 70 agil) and got in like 4 hours!! thnx again

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1 - Go with the foodstuff court. Think it or not, the meals court is a absolute optimum destination in your mall to fulfill a young lady. Here's what you do. Choose a foods destination and get in line for your meal. Whereas you’re in line, appearance all-around the region in which all people is sitting down and eating. Glance to get a girl sitting alone, as well as two girls seated together. When you could have your meal in hand, walk around to where she or they are really sitting down and consult if you could join them. If you are sincere and straightforward with them, your odds are rather nice.

2- Do some pondering. Previous to you even contemplate heading on the local mall to meet a girl, sit on your own down and do some significant thinking. Look into how you can speak to a girl and what you could possibly say to her if you could be prosperous. Give thought to which parts of the local mall you'll stop by. Also, you're likely to should purchase a thing even though there, what do you'll need? Ultimately, think what meeting a lady inside a public destination entails. Undoubtedly you will should glance to get a wedding ring in advance of speaking into a chick, and you can need to bear in mind if it is wiser to speak with a female alone or a person who's with other people. At long last, you might have for being practical about your personal age as well as ages to the woman you desire to meet. As in, you're likely to will need to inform on your own to be sensible and do not you could try to fulfill ladies which have been a lot younger or older than you , yourself are, or that appear out of your respective league.

three - Ask for help out. As soon as you’re ultimately in the mall, one particular belonging to the methods to meet ladies is by asking them for guide. Females know that men have no thought what these are carrying out when they are purchasing, so asking for guidance will not appear such a ridiculous suggestion. Ask for assistance in picking out a jacket for oneself for instance. Working on so let's the woman know that you are single. If she agrees to aid you, inquire her other queries as you grab many jackets to look at on.

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For illustration, an $80 therapeutic therapeutic massage could be purchased by the customer for $forty through Groupon, and then Groupon and the retailer would split the $forty. That is, the retailer provides a therapeutic massage valued at $eighty and will get about $twenty from Groupon for it (under a 50%/fifty% crack up). Or, if $240 worth of property portray services is bought by the purchaser for $fifty by way of Groupon, then the business will get $twenty five and Groupon retains $twenty five. The customer receives the therapeutic massage, or the property portray provider, in these illustrations, from the retailer for which they initially paid $forty (or $50) to Groupon. There are distinct firms to which Groupon at 1st did not offer you its suppliers, this sort of as capturing ranges and strip golf products nevertheless, taking pictures ranges have been showcased on Groupon.

As opposed to labeled promoting and advertising, the merchant does not pay any upfront benefit to participate: Groupon collects personalized knowledge from inclined purchasers and then contacts only men and women shoppers, mostly by every day electronic mail, who may probably be fascinated in a particular product or support.

Groupon employs a massive volume of copywriters who draft descriptions for the bargains showcased by electronic mail and on the web site. Groupon's promoting textual articles for the 'deals' has been noticed as a contributing factor to the acceptance of the web web site, featuring a distinctive blend of in depth basic simple fact-inspecting and witty humor.

Owing to Groupon's marketplace becoming mainly composed of lady consumers, the bargains are usually centered on the wellness, overall health and fitness and class marketplaces.

There are probably issues with the business product. For scenario in position, a effective offer could briefly swamp a small business with too numerous purchasers, risking a probability that clients will be dissatisfied, or that there won't be ample merchandise to satisfy up with the demand from buyers. Hole, a huge clothing retailer, was ready to get care of 445,000 coupon codes in a national provide (even even though it well-informed server problems at 1 specific point), but a scaled-down organization could become abruptly flooded with shoppers. One espresso shop in Portland, Oregon struggled with an increase in consumers for a few months, when it marketed near to one,000 Groupons on the one day it was provided, in accordance to 1 report. In reaction to equivalent difficulties, Groupon officers condition that 'deal' subscriptions must be capped in progress to a realistic quantity.

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