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Monday, December 17, 2007

Runescape: Abysal's F2P Strength pure guide

So this is basically what a pure is. Low defence, moderate attack, and high strength. I will teach you how to make a Stength Pure today.

First off, make a new account. In the tutorial island get 3 strength sand attack. Once off, if you have a main account, get your pure iron,black,mith,addy, and rune scimitars. Get full iron armor. Now train your strength to around 30 at cows. The best spot is the crafting guild south west of falador. Train your attack to 30 then go to the monks northwest of barbarian village. get 45 strength and 40 attack. Now you have two choices.

a) get your strength up to 50 or 55.
b) get your mage and range up.

for option A just stay at monks. When your done go to option B

for option B you may be wondering, "But If I get my range and mage up my combat level would go up." WRONG! as long as you have higher strength (Generally) mage and range wont affect your combat level. Use a combat calculator if your worried.

First buy Regular-willow short bows, buy around 1k iron arrows. Start ranging at level 1 or 2 rats until level 20 or 25. Then head to the monks again. Get 40 range then go buy yourself some Green D'Hide Chaps and Vamps. This is the best defence against mage/range pures.

Next you can either get hit points or dont. No matter what, get 3 magic from wind strike. If you want to use normal attack spells until level 25 magic, wearing full blue wizard robes. Or if you dont want hit points just grab your full iron, a earth or water staff and buy mind runes and earth or water depending on your staff. Now go to the varrock manhole and go straight north. Do not go where a zombie is in a room. you should end up where there is a river blocking skeletons from you. Start Confusing, Cursing and the other spell until level 25. Now you can teleport to varrock. This will be usefull in sticky situations.

If you didnt get 55 strength before, get it now.

Your stats should be

40 attack
55 strength
1 defence
40 range
25 mage

Congratulations you can now pk good. Grab some iron and green vamps and chaps. Maybe a wizard hat. Grab a amulet and a rune scimmy. If you want to bring a rune 2hander for a K0. Grab 1 or 2 strength pots.Go to edgevile or varrock, and start attacking someone you think you can take on. when there around 10-15 hp pull out your rune 2hander if you brand it and hopefully K0 them. If not pull out your rune scimmy again.

Now there is another option.

Get your prayer to level 31 for ultimate strength or possible 34 for the attack boost, so you can cut through rune.

Get your strength up to 60 then try pking again. then from there out get your strength up. For extra damage you can also get your magic to 59 for an occasional fire blast.

Thats it for now I guess, Thanks for Reading ^^


Anonymous said...

thats pretty good execpt thats high attack...

Anonymous said...

um with the mage and range part the combat will raise cause it effects your hp and every 2or3 lvl your combat will lvl and calulators dont tell u that. runescape name daranged6 range tanker f2p

Anonymous said...

yeah hes right... anyway the guides still good but daranged left something out mage and range work 2geter like 70range then u could get 70mage without lvling up but str doesnt work like that 70str and get 70range u will lvl up 5times its proven by me ...g shine7

pker3 said...

well this guides ok but rock crabs could be good for trainin on but u need to be a member and they have low def. and 50hp

jst a thought

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