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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A P2P guide to range 1-99

Both pure and non-pure characters could use the guide.

You can start this straight away after finishing tutorial island if you like but its best if you have some financial backing behind you as the cost of arrows will mount up.

If you are at a set level and would like to find out where I recommend training at that level press Ctrl+F or for Mac users Apple Key+F.

I advise that you ALWAYS train on Rapid and ALWAYS use a shortbow. Exceptions from using a short bow would be a crossbow or a crystal bow.

Level 1-5.
For this level I would advise that you use a shortbow with iron arrows and if you can wear a Cowl, Leather vambraces, a Leather body and Leather chaps. An optional addition to this setup would be an Archer Ring; this obviously will not be possible for poorer people. You should also have an Oak shortbow in your inventory so you can swap straight to this bow at level 5.This setup requires no range or defence levels and will maximise your range attack bonus. I would suggest that you train on chickens, picking up feathers as you go along, the feathers will give you a small source of income and should cover the cost of the arrows that you use.

Level 5-20.
At this point you should drop your shortbow and equip your Oak shortbow. You can also upgrade arrows from iron to steel again this is totally up to you, obviously the better the arrows the harder you will hit meaning you will gain XP a lot faster. Now, you can either keep training at the chickens, or you could move to cows. This is totally up to you. If you use cows I advise you bank your cowhides, as this will allow you to make a small profit on your arrows. I do advise you remain at the chickens because feathers stack and chickens will die faster this would mean that you should get far more XP per hour and allow you to move on through the guide a lot faster.

Level 20-30
Now you have gained level 20 range you can now change your gear totally. Change your bow to a willow shortbow. Change your cowl for a Coif. Change your leather body for a Hard leather body, if you also have 20 defence you could change it for a studded body. A studded body does NOT give any extra range attack bonus but it does give a better defence, not that this should matter much though. Change your leather chaps for studded leather chaps and still keep your archer ring equipped if you have one. You can also upgrade your arrows to mithril, or you can use any other type of arrows available to your bow (Bronze-Mithril). You can continue to train on chickens if you like at this point. I upgraded to Dwarves at this point. You can range these in the dwarven mines or another place available to you. If you have done the fishing contest quest the best place to range the dwarves would be in the underground walkway under White Wolf Mountain. You could also check a fan site such as Zybez and then decide which training spot you would like to use.

Level 30-40.
Now you can change your gear again. If you have 30 defence you can change into full snakeskin with a maple shortbow using any arrows up to adamant. At this point you should move to moss giants the best place to range these would be the area close to the fishing guild taking shelter behind a log or anything that will block them from hitting you. This spot can become busy but it is good xp per hour and I would recommend staying here.

Level 40-50
Congratulations, now you can wear dragon leather and Robin Hood hats (level 3 treasure trail award) and Ranger boots (Level 2 treasure trail award). If you are a pure training your range you can only wear the chaps and vambraces, so I would recommend wearing these alongside a leather body with a Robin and rangers if you can afford these. You should also equip a Yew Shortbow. If you have completed Dragon Slayer quest you can wear the green dragon body. If not substitute it for a spined body (if your 40 defence) or a snakeskin body (if your 30 defence). I would advise that at this point you still train at moss giants.

Level 50-60.
Congratulations you may now use a Magic short bow. This bow has a special, which will fire two arrows in quick succession. You should also upgrade all parts of your green dragon leather to Blue dragon leather. Now you have two options again with where you should train. You can either stay at the moss giants or move to fire giants. The best place to range fire giants is in the waterfall quest area. To gain access to this area you need to equip the amulet that you gain during the quest and a rope then switch it for an amulet of your choice. When you enter the waterfall run into the large room, remember to close the door behind you as this annoys other trainers. Run to the other side of the room because there is a load there, which would reset the fire giants, and this is not what you want. Run back to the doorway and range here until the fire giants become un aggressive. Once this happens range them over the table in the centre of the room. If you decide to range at fire giants I would advise you take 2 or 3 lobsters or food of your choice, fire giants can hit hard and you don’t want to die. If you have 55+ magic I would also recommend taking some nature runes with you so you can High alch drops such as Fire battle staff’s and rune drops. No need to bring fire runes or a fire staff with you, as fire giants drop A LOT of fire runes. Teleport runes can also be useful as you may need to telly out fast also it will make bank runs faster.

Level 60-70
Now upgrade your blue dragon hide items to red and continue to range at the fire giants.

Level 70-99+
Congratulations now you may wear the best dragon hide leather in the game. Upgrade all your red leather items to black leather. At this point I would recommend to everyone who wishes to obtain 99 range to invest in a robin, rangers and archer ring. If you cant afford the robin hat change this for a Fremennlk archer helm, to wear these you MUST have finished the Fremennlk trials quest. If you have not finished this and have 40+ defence then you can wear a Blessed dragonhide coif. These are obtained via level 3 treasure trails. Now you have LOTS of options to how you range and where you range: -
A: You could stay at fire giants until 99 range. This method is slow but you will make a profit.
B: You could move to Ogres need Yanille. There is a small island where you can find ogres. You need a rope to swing across and there is a wall to hide behind for safety. If you chose this method there are two ways of doing it.
1: You can power range. This means you don’t pick up any of your arrows, obviously this is the faster method but you make a big loss. BUT now ogres drop ranarr and snapedragon seeds you can use this method and pick up these seeds and you will make some of your money back.
2: You can range them and pick up all your arrows and seed drops. This will make a profit.
C: If you have completed the watchtower quest, you can power range Grater demons inside the cage. This method is a power range method as there is NO WAY to obtain your arrows for free. Grater demons do drop level 3 clues and rune med helms so there is a chance you could make your money back. If you chose this method you NEED TO TAKE TELLY GRAB RUNES TO PICK UP ALL VALUABLE DROPS!!

In my eyes the best method for getting 70-99 range is a mix between all 3 of these methods this way you should not get bored of being in one place all the time.

Since the addition of the Hunter skill into runescape there has been a new method that could be used. Red chimbondas. These will hit multiple targets at once and should be used in a multi combat area. This method you lose A LOT OF MONEY IE 100’S OF MILS. To do this method you must have done monkey madness. You need to go into the cave with all the zombie monkeys and find a corner in their where there are a lot of them. You need to wear prayer-enhancing clothes and in your inventory you should have only prayer pots at some range pots. Prayer against melee the whole time and just sit back and watch the XP role in. This method will gain you 280,000+ xp per hour but as I said it costs a lot.

I do not recommend training in Karils as the range bonus is no better than full black dragon, and you will lose money because of the charge to repair. I also don’t recommend using a dark bow as these are as slow as a long bow, although I don’t know if its more xp per hour via my own use, I have heard that its no faster than using a magic shortbow.

I hope this guide helps you through you ranging and good luck with 99 range.


Anonymous said...

at lvl 40 range members can go to the rock crabs near relekka and train fairly fast each crab is lvl 13 and has 40hp so they r pretty good experience.

Anonymous said...

This guide doesn't explain what the best arrows to use are? what are they?

Anonymous said...

i suggest from lvl 50 range to 65 range you can train at werewolves in canifis. you should do it in the bar where you can hide behind tables. (note that werewolves are actually men and woman, if you attack them without your wolfbane they turn into lvl 88 werewolves with about 200 xp a kill. So thats good for that. level 65 you should start at fire giants. Remember to bring food for fire giants as they may attack you if your not in the right safe spot and you probably wouldn't want to die and lose your 10k rune arrows now would you

Anonymous said...

another great way to train f2p is at falador in the mining place where there are lots of scorpians. there are lots of places to hide and you could mine as well!

Anonymous said...

all good but i suggest u train where u want it worked for me seqarchj me up hedz19:D

Anonymous said...

well u can train at hill ginats (bring a bow to lure) then use cross bow to kill saves and makes money

Anonymous said...

u nub u got this from sythe

Anonymous said...

not bad ty

Anonymous said...

I would use a rune c bow once you could. I used chimchompas for 99 range only cost me 130m not hundreds.

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