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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Runescape Guide: Luring

The art of luring

To be a good luer pker you should never:
1.Get on your targets nerves.
2.Become desperate
3.Show runes or any combat involved object

Luring is basically finding a person then getting them into the wild,and then u own them and say ty and take there stuff. All you have to do is be very convincing and u can do it.
The kill me Lure
In this luer you will act as a noob who needs to go to lumby. Usually i brging my runes for entangle and flammes of zammy and 50k and food.
(here is how it should work)
me:hey will u kill me in wild so i can go to lumby?..ill pay u 50k
victim: sure
me:ill folo u to wildy so that i cant lead u to anyone
victim: ok.
me:hurry plz i only have 3 mins
(if they bank there stuff then leave em and try a new person)
victim: ok lets go
me:i have to finish level 3 clue in lumby thats why im doin this.(gives them a good reason why u wanna pay 50k to go to lumby)
me:my firend said i can make millions off of them.
Blah blah blah
(now once they have gotten u to the spot where they can kill u, try runing up one more level)
(if they say u attack me first then u say no ill loose my clue scroll)
(if they go ahead and attack u then its all good)
victim: FUCK you
me: ty
(then tele and reapeat process and remove them from ur friends list)
The bug lure
Ok in this luer u will need at least 55 mage and runes for high alch spell and wtvr ur attacking ur target with I do this luer at world 18 edgeville.
first u find someone who is ur level.
me:hey my friend will buy ur some item they have for some outrageously high price
me: ill take u to him he is high alching rite now
victim: ok
(get them to folo u then take them by the guards where evryone is high alching,once u get to where the thing pops up warning u about wild stop then click somewhere way north on mini map into wild and then quickly high alch something in ur env it will shoot them into wild then u have to kill em)
victim: omg!!!
me:ty again
(then log out so when u do it again the wildy warning sign will come back up and reapeat)
The rare item lure
NOTE:this only works for rare items, also this works better if u try to become friends with the person b4 u try this
In this luer u will need about 100-500k and food and runes and/or other wepeons.
first u find a target i prefer santas here is what to do:
me:hey ill pay u (100-500k) for u to let me kill u in wild while u r wearing ur (rare item)
me:i would record it and post it on google and give all the credits to u
victim: ok
victim: .pay me
me: ok
victim: ok lets go
(when u go in wildy gring like 100 noted lobbys)
me:here take this, its for not scaming me(give the target like 100 noted lobbys the reason why u do this is because when u give the person he 10k it replaces the rare item like santas are 64 gp at gen store and that 100 noted lobbys definitly takes care of the 3 item rule, ALSO make sure to tell them that u will skull, because u actually wil have to for them to trust u)
me: ok im recording
take the item and u will b 15m-500m richer

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