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Monday, December 17, 2007

Runescape: Guide To Making A Pure Ranger

Ok, you should already have bows, armour, and arrows okay? Okay. Always put your bow on rapid for quicker experience.

Level 1-10:
Yes I know every single guide about the topic tells you this, but it is great for a beginner. Head to the chicken coop on the right side of the river in Lumbridge (near the cows). Kill as many chickens as you can. Remember, this isn't Easy Street so your going to have to take a few minutes out of your "busy" schedule eating cheetos and watching The Whitest Kids You Know. Just record it. Anyway... This will take a few minutes. Also if you want to, you can take feathers and raw chicken to cook and stuff.

Level 11-20: (or 25)
You don't exactly have to get to level 20, but it would be nice. You have a couple of choices at this point.

Choice 1:
Go to the cows near where you were training and kill them. It is also good to take their cowhides and banking them to sell in Al Kharid (good for beginners as they are 100gp each). Cook their meat also for a little food and cooking experience. Bury their bones if you want prayer to go with them, but you can do whatever you want.

Choice 2:
Keep on killing chickens if you want to. I don't suggest it myself, but their feathers are good for fly fishing.

Choice 3:
Head yourself a little bit south to the Goblin House. Attack the noob Goblins until you get to the level specified. They drop some earth runes, water runes, some coins and other stuff. Nothing to go head over heels about.

Level 21-40:
Also some more choices!

Choice 1:
This is a great way to train. Head up to the Barbarian Village and go down the hole near the rocks to get to the Stronghold of Security. Go towards the goblins and turn left at the first door. Go through that and you'll find some level 12 Minotaurs with level 14 Wolves. DO NOT attack the Wolves, only Minotaurs. The reason is because Wolves drop nothing, not even bones. Hide behind the barrier and kill some Minotaurs. This is also great because they drop iron arrows. So you will actually have more arrows than what you came out with. Oh, I almost forgot, they only have 10 hitpoints so don't worry about getting killed too fast.

Choice 2:
Don't go to the Minotaurs if you think they are too tough. Just stay at the Goblins. Hide behind the barrier and attack the lower level Goblins. Once they are too easy, fight the medium levels. After they wimp out on you attack the level 13 Goblins. They drop a few bronze arrows, but not much. Mostly coins and junk. I don't really like training range at the Goblins, but training melee is good here. Whatever cranks your tractor I always say!

Level 41-60:
Choices, choices and more choices!

Choice 1:
Stay at the Minotaurs for iron arrows and some experience. Remember to hide behind the barrier.

Choice 2:
This was my favorite place to train after I got 40 range. Draynor Manor! You may think this is a weak place at your so called "high" level, but this is an awesome place! I mean it. Head north of Draynor Village past some creepy trees and through a gate with a girl beside it with the Ernest the Chicken quest. When you get inside you won't be able to get out the front door. Don't get freaked out by this,(and you probably won't) but there's a back door I'll explain later. Go up the stairs and go into the hallway. Go to where there are three Ghosts. Not two, but three. Fight them. They are only level 19 so you can withstand their power, although you can hide behind stuff if you want. They don't hit very high anyway. The Ghosts have 26 or 25 hitpoints, depending which one you hit tough all of them are level 19. This is decent hitpoints so it's pretty good experience. I'm glad I found it on accident.

Choice 3:
Barbarians are decent experience. Not as good as Ghosts, but they are okay I guess. Hide behind the tables and shoot from across. There is even food, beer and a couple of everlasting fires to cook your Salmon and Trout you can catch at the fishig spot beside the village.

Choice 4:
Late at night go to an unpopulated world. Get a brass key if you have one and go to the shack between Varrock and the Barbarian Village. Head down the ladder to find a bunch of Hill Giants. My favorite training spot is at the end of the Hill Giants near the right corner. You won't get attack there. Also, I go there because usually on an unpopulated world, not many people are going to be there. If they are, wait a couple of minutes and they'll leave. You'll have your own little spot where two Hill Giants respawn. Also, Hill Giants drop Big Bones which are worth 300gp each and give around 15 prayer experience.

Level 61- 80:
Kill some Barbarians or Minotaurs for some good experience. Ghosts are what I trained on for a long time. You may need a few thousand arrows for this, but it'll be worth it for that full rune your gonna pk some day.

Level 81-99:
Go to Karamja and enter the Pit where the Lesser Demons dwell (live). Hide between rocks where all the other rangers and mages are hiding (if there are any). Which is left of the road leading to the Lesser Demons. This is nice training for higher levels. If your under level 75 range don't go there, especially for pures with low levels. It takes a while if you do.

Pictures will be put in probably today. I am very busy and this isn't very important to me, but hopefully i'll have time.

Pking in the wilderness:
I really don't want to do this, but some people want me to so...

There are many places you can go. I will tell you places where you can go and nothing else.

Outside of Varrock:

Just north of Varrock you can take a road that leads to the wilderness.

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