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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Are you a f2p wanting to make money fast click here!!!!

ok this is my first guide so here goes....

If you are low on cash and can't get any from fishing wc etc.,

1) go to the cow spot under fally (this is because less people). Get about 230-250 cowhides then head to al kharid. when here sell your hides from 100-120 ea.

1.1) Or you can go kill chickens and sell feathers 10 ea, i don't reccomend this at all!

2)Go the varrock west bank. Then go on the west side of it and buy rune full helms 25k ea

3) sell the rune full helms 35k ea! u make 10k each time

4)As your money grows so does your profit!

5) or you can go to port sarim and buy deaths or chaos then sell death 300 ea and chaos 150 ea!


Anonymous said...

this guide lets think..... BORING

Anonymous said...

this guide fucking sucks the best way 2 get cash is and cooking

for f2p: get to 50 fishing and 45 cooking get swordfishes and sell for around 200gp each at grand exchange

for p2p: get 80 fishing and 90 cooking so you cna get sharks and sell at grand exhcnage for i think it's 400gp each (not sure....)

and that's how u get fast as hell $$

Anonymous said...

you big fat noob u can pick up planks at wildy near cw and sell em at ge for 600gp each well scince this is ur first guid its kinda lame but good for a begginer.................wat am i sayin this is a stupid guys u should make it rated lvl 10 and under

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Anonymous said...

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