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Sunday, November 25, 2007

RS: pking noobs, and how to use them

table of contents:

1: introduction
2: how to choose
3: advantages
4:different team styles
5. training
6. food/equipment
7. pking

1. introducion

first of all a main character is essential in building a pk noob. your noob will be a pure which are very dominant. pures are players with one particualry high combat lvl. (example: 1 attack 1 defense 1 strength 60 ranged). pures are good because they will get hit hard but yet hitting very hard. you will start out on tutorial island, you will probably know the drill by now as you have a main. after you have completed this you will start the game for real.

2. how to choose

in becoming a pure you have 6 options, a strength pure, attack pure, defense pure, ranger pure, or a mage pure. strength pures are good for those that have mains with a medium money supply, and high lvl fishing, cooking, and smithing. making armor for a strength pure is a main priority as you dont want to waste time smithing new so have at least 5 sets of your full armor type with weapon. for a strength pure, in training lots of food is needed so you will hit high, i prefer to train on lower lvl enemies for strength pures. strenght pures are good for mostly all lvls, yet lacking teleports so you may want to train magic to 25 for hits exp, and to be able to tele( it wont affect your combat if one of your combat skills is already 25 or above). nest attack pures, these are great for the low lvls but tend to get killed at medium-higher lvls. for an attack pure first get ur attack to 50. you shouuld have full iron with a rune weapon, a fast attacking weapon is good as you will be hitting normal, yet alot. these players should train on monks for a long time as defense and strength will be a major setback to them. these players are no match for defense pures but can wipe out low lvl strength pures, against mages, and rangers they stand no chance. Defense pures. these are great at low-medium lvls. you get to 50 defense and get your self full rune with chain, and silverlight or blueright sword as your weapon. these are a bad idea if mages come around the corner. dominate rangers, kill strength pures, defense pures dont stand a chance.
rangers! great for all levels but provide an extension of money. as always steel arrows are best, and yet some defense will help too. these guys are probably my favorite and are pretty much unstoppable till really high levels. all out i would just attack any one you will see in the wildy, these are difficult training yet are awesome rewards in wildy. mages, these are very common at low lvls and pretty much terminate any one they see at the low lvls. they will kill all buy rangers, other mages are a danger also. these are very expensive and you should have a couple million under your belt if you want to make one of these and pk sucessfully with a mage. so whoever you choose you want to be is your choice.

3. advantages

all of these types of "noob" pkers have different disadvantages and advantages. strength pure, advantages: don't cost much money and are high hitters. disadvantages: have bad armor and defense, and won't get good untill the later levels, also takes lots of food and has no type of ranged ability. attack pures, advantages: constant hitting with a high sucess rate. disadvantages: lacks armor, defense, high hitting, and has bad training with its low strenght. defense pure: advantages: simply, nobody will hit you much. disadvantages: won't hit often and has low strength and attack to makes its attacking very poor. bad training for bad attack and strength. ranger pures, advantages: has a ranged attack which enables them to chase down enemies, have a low lift weight, hit constantly and quickly, lack defense in beggining. disadvantages: not much just a high pay load. mages, advantages: high hitting and good tracking down enemies, and very nice weight load as it is very small. disadvantages: very expensive, and have to replinish runes after a while.

4. different team styles.

having a team of "noob" pkers is very important to pking. many different teams can be formed and have some good tactics and abilities. ranger-ranger, this is good for multicombat with very high accuracy and range capability. only weakness is if they are fighting in melee/ranged because they will get hit. ranger-strength, very good as two high hitting/accuracy attaking, this is a very good combo due to only one person is being attacked while the other is just firing arrows and losing no food which they can later transfer food as a small tecnique.
mage-mage combo, very high hitting and dominant combo, can own the battle fields if played in correct strategy, snare, mage, snare, mage etc.... this will own all players that can't teleport. very successfull against warriors. these are the better of the combos that are in runescape pking.

5. training

for all of the warrior pures i highly suggest trainin on chickens until level 10 combat. then head over to the monestary and kill a ton of monks till u have about 50 in the skill that you are training. with archery i suggest monks till lvl 30 ranged then kill skeles from behind rocks stalagmites etc. eventually you will reach 50 ranging. for mages, just train in the wildy! sorry for little info because i just train on monks.

6. food/equipment[/SIZE]

for attack pures, iron armor, accuracy ammy/power/strength ammy, rune scimmi, long, or dagger. strength pures: full steel, strength ammy/power ammy, any rune weapon,(preferably those that hit high (exp: r2h,rune baxe,)). defense pures: full rune w/chain, defense ammy/power ammy, silverlight or blueright sword, or any iron weapon. rangers, green dragon hide full or leather body (depending which way you go), oak short, 100-300 steel arrows. mages: blue robe top, iron legs/blue skirt, wizard hat, any staff, minds,chaos, or death runes, plenty of nature runes and the elemental runes, and teleport runes. food now. attack pures, should have lobbies or swordfish. strength pures, salmon or lobbies. rangers, trout-lobbies, mages swordfish.

7. pking

make sure you are all prepared when you head out to the wildy. teams will be a big advantage so try and bring some friends along (any where from 20 lvs below or 20 lvls above you). try to have tactics planned out and be confident in what you are doing. go to your first pk place and my favorite is lvl 8 skele mine. then head out a little farther if there was no action, dark warrio castle is good and so is giants. make sure that when you pk something, share with your teamate, and then bank it. always be prepared for the unexpected and have your settings on "run" when chasing somebody either range or mage them, or use the bind spell, catching is very important to pking or else you would have used a lot of food and get no gain out of it except some exp. what i do after each kill i just go farther into the wildy hoping for better kills along with some low levelers that need a beating (just kidding)! always pk with your best stat such as if you are a strength pure use the slash or hack option. also for pures never train prayer. eventually pking will be second nature to you and will always be fun and nerveracking!


Anonymous said...

that was very imformative tyvm and that is considered safing. U shud rite 1 bout the new minigame bounty hunter bcuz thatd help alot my accounts name is hillonoob2 and main is hillonoob hillonoob2 has 50 rng 10 def 23 pray 32 mage and 41 hp lvll 39 m main is a lvl 70 with 52 de fand atak 70 str 52mage 44 rng 62 hp 37 pray and 32 cooking

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