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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Guide to money with skills

Table of contents:
Post 1: Rune crafting/Construction/agility
Post 2: Herblore/thieving/crafting
Post 3: Fletching/slayer/Mining/smithing
Post 4: Cooking/fishing/firemaking
Post 5: Woodcutting/farming

Runecrafting non-member skill,but does have a lot of member runes thats f2p people can't make,does take a while to get up,but you can make very good money out of it.Once You get you runecrafting to about 20 there is no good money in it,but after level 20 you can make some large amounts of gp out of it

Low level Runecrafting money making-
For a low level runecrafting they could make fires and bodys and sell them at the shop or on fourms,A very slow way of making money,But its possible to make money this way.

High level Runecrafting money making-
Now once u get over level 40 thats where the money starts to role in,You can make all kinds of rune that sell for good prices,you can make Nature's at 44 then Laws at 54,and ever one needs laws,and there alwasy death's which high leveled mages needs for the spells.

From-Derekjeter 7
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Just a little added info about nature runecrafting, having your ess then running to the alter and back to ur bank can take forever, so take all ur ess out as noted and a lot of money, once you craft ur ess into nats sell 26 ess to the general store and buy back in item form, ALSO the abyess is an even better way to craft it as long as you watch out for PKers.

So Runecrafting can be a very good way of making money but only when you get past 40.

Now this will most probly be One the hardest skill to ever make money in but.... im going to give it a go and see if there is a way.

Now Construction ummm..... well that only way i really think you could start of making oak chairs and sell them,than make carved oak stuff and go from there,i guess you could make money from that.

Now construction IS NOT a very good way of making money!.

for agility, you can exchange tickets for snapdragons if you want. It also reduces banking time

Now this is a tricky skill,its only a good money making when its high.

I not a herblore type of guy but..... I think the best way of making money with it would have to be at level 60 make weapon poison and then at level 82 make super-strong weapon posion.

I was reading what you wrote in your herblore section, and I'd like to make a suggestion. Super restores and Prayer pots are amoung the best ways for money making in herblore. buying or making the pots then selling them up in edgeville.

Super Sets, or just super strength potions also sell well, and can rake in a fair bit of cash.

Good old thieving,nothing like pickpocketing some one.when you get this higher you can take some stuff thats worth a bit.

Once you get higher you can pickpcket all kinds of people for some money and items,and you can get nats and skark out of could steal some gems people want them for crafting and there hard to get a shops.but your best bet would be stealing bloods and sell them on fourms.

Now crafting is a great way of making money there are so many ways of getting money out of it,but i will go though some of the better ones.

now i think one of the better ways of making money with crafting would be making green dragon bodys at lvl 63 and high alch them,or make sets of black or red dragonhide.

For crafting there's also Battle staffs. If you high alc an elemental staff you make around 2K profit. Making all the items needed for it gets you alot of crafting and some magic XP.

Now there probly the best ways of making money from crafting,but there are some many its hard to know which is the better way.

Now fletching is ONE of the best money making skills,its not good money until you hit level 70 then your money sky rockets.

Now this is what im doing at the moment for money,17mil .You first make 5k yew longs,either pick the flax and spin it and cut your own yew,or just buy it dont matter, then sell them,With that money buy more supplies and repeat this until you got the amount of money you need.

im doing this not only for the money buy im also going for that 99 fletching.Wish me luck.

The slayer part was taking away,so i need a new idea of how to make money with this skill,thanks.

Mining and Smithing the good old fashion skill,how far these two have come,thay have been paired togather from the start.There are a few good ways of making money with this skill.

Now 2 of the easyer ways would be mining iron or coal or any ores higher then iron and selling on fourms or in a bank.

This is where the smithing comes in to it,Mine mith ore and coal smelt it in to bars and sell and you can do the same with steal bars.

Now fishing,who can rember the good old days when you fished Shrimp and tryed to cook a hole bag and burned half of them lol .But fishing and cooking can be very good ways of making money.

Pritty much once your over level 40 flshing and cooking you can make some good money with lobbies,swordies and shark just fry them up with a little butter and the sell for a pritty penny.

For firemaking u need 65 firemaking and do shadeburning for silves chests. U get fine cloth more often and u can sell them for 10k each or u make splitbark armour of it and sell it for more,thanks Super Lemax

Now this skill have been around for donkey's year's(A long long time)now this skill can be rather good money.

You can always just cut and sell willows when your a lower level,people buy them to get there fletching up.

But the best money is in yews and magic logs,just cut and sell them and you will get some good money out of it.

to make money farming, just plant rannars at level 32 farming and you get 4-7 rannars each time you harvest for 70 minutes growing time. the seeds cost about 20-22k each and you can sell the rannars for 24-35k . you can also grow snapdragons, not sure what level though. Thanks for that Neelerickson.

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