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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A risky Guide - But worth a try

To make ALOT of money, and Items, You could transfer your items over to Runescape 1.

Hopeing that they will put the tranfer items back in, you will just do lots of stuff on Runescape Classic -- Mining Rune ore -- Getting lots of Runes -- Etc..

Because remember - there are not alot of people playing Runecape Classic, so this means that there may not be alot of people at like the rune rocks, or there might now be alot of people buying Runes and otherstuff.

So by Buying LOTS Of stuff and doing it quick, you could MAKE ALOT OF MONEY!!!

Since some things are worth less on Runescape Classic But MORE on Runescape 2

So, if you are a good miner, go mine Runite because there won't be alot of people mining it, and then the risky part comes here ----

THEY MUST LET YOU TRANSFER YOUR ITEMS BACK FOR IT TO WORK, because otherwise it won't work because you won't get a profit. and then all that mining those rune ores will be useless.

So if you think that they will give you the transfer of items back later in the year, than you could try this trick, but otherwise just stick with your mining on Runescape 2.

So I hope this gave people some tips and ideas, but if you have any comments then please reply, thx



Anonymous said...

Jagex will no longer let you transfer your items back and forth between runescape 1 and runescape 2. thank you for the notice.

mod david

nancygudino11636 said...

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