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Monday, November 19, 2007

Runescape: Be a MASTER Ranger

I'm pretty detailed in my guide so this will have guides for people of all wealth, different route's, and a f2p guide at the end.

I. Intro (Lookin at it)
II. 0-20 The beginning
III. 20-40 Your getting the hang of it
IV. 40-60 Almost there
V. 60-70 The hard part
VI. 70+ Congratulations!
VII. F2p guide
VIII. People that have benefited from my guide/special thanks. (look here for more tips)

-- 0-20 The beginning --

So you wanna be a ranger huh? Fresh of tutorial island or you ignored the skill? Well here you go, you should probably go with goblins to start with, goblin village is north of falador with big opportunities for exp. If you feel up to the challenge after gaining up to 15+ levels, go to barbarian village west of varrock, south of edgeville, to try on level 7 barbarians inside the pub. Try to not allow them to hit you if you are a low level by hiding on the other side of chairs or tables. Level 20 now? Have a hunger to range more? Good, you'll need it.

-- 20-40 your getting the hang of it --

If you didn't do so in the first part of the guide, go to barbarians. Barbarians are located at barbarian village, a little place of nothing much located south of edgeville and west of varrock. If needbe hide behind things and range them there, as your progressing and you think barbarians are getting easy. Go on to zombies, zombies are located in most sewers and edgeville dungeon, range the zombies from behind rocks, mushrooms, whatever you see that these zombies intelligence cannot get through (haha, stupid zombies.) Depending on your combat level at high level 30'* nearly 40'* try for hill giants, hill giants are found at the end of edgeville dungeon or if you have the brass key they can be found at a little house to the west of barbarian village. This place is very populated in free to play, read the next box for more info.

-- 40-60 Your almost there --

Alright here we go, at early 40'* you should go to hill giants, more information on the location at the previous text. Here is populated in free to play world so hide behind a stlagmite and start shooting some hill giants, you should probably bury the bones too if you want some pretty decent prayer experience. This should work out pretty well to get to level 50, or level 45 if your impatient.

At this poinst level 45-50 going for level 60 you have a couple of choices.

1. If you have finished "Biohazard" (Correct me if i'm wrong) You can head northwest of adrounge and gain access to King lathlas' training ground, which you should use either bronze, iron, steel, or mith depending on your wealth. At any rate, fire at the caged Ogre's and collect bones if you wish, if you have a very high amount of arrows and do not care about prayer in any way, do not pick up the bones and do not collect your arrows. Because going through the door and back can be very time consuming if your there for a long amount of time.

2. If you have finished "Horror from the deep" and "Dwarf Cannon" (Recommended for high levels, and fairly wealthy) do it this way. In the lighthouse you should see very many dagannoths, although looking intimidating so many in a multi-combat zone, the level 70 ones are practically harmless, rarely hitting at all. Set up a cannon in the place you feel has the most dagannoths in it. Load it with cannon balls, you should be hitting a lot of things and getting huge amounts of experience fast. Stand by it and reload when neccessary, but beware. All the dagannoths will attack you that you have harmed! Prayer and some food is highly recommended, and be sure you are desperate for fast experience. Your money will go down very quickly with the price of cannonballs.

-- 60-70 The hard part --

This part is hard because now you need much more experience per level, but being the determined rangers we are that wont let us down. Now for this, you can either repeat step 1 or step 2 on the previous text, or you can do something that can give you a lot of experience fast at this level. Pest Control. Although fast experience many pure rangers frown upon this idea as it doesn't give them much hitpoints experience. In pest control you can use all your tickets for range and melee through levels, or you can range at levels and use tickets for range. Either way though, tickets do not make up for hard earned hitpoints experience. But if you've neglected range for a long time and you are at level 80+ you should probably use this, because you don't want your range to be too horrible in comparison to your combat level, and more hitpoints means more combat levels. If you consider yourself a "Real Ranger" toughing it out, use method 1 on the previous post or do cannoning, which both give you hitpoints and you can say "I did it all by myself."

-- 70+ Congratulations --

You have just unlocked all of the gear a ranger can wear, congratulations. And now with the aid of your black dragonhide you and your range bonus should be pretty high to try new methods of training. A very popular method is blue dragons, there is a few downfalls to this. One, blue dragons have decent defence so they can block much of it, two, most likely there is probably 1-4 other people also there. But what really attracts people to this is prayer, with the aid of dragon bones you can get a high prayer level and range. Also blue dragonhide can fetch a decent sum on the forums for each, so if you decide to do it for prayer alone or if your collecting dragonhides you should do it this way, a chance for exp, money, and prayer experience. Then again, this way isn't preferred by all. Some people go to tzhaar caves and attack, then run behind a coal rock for shelter and begin to fire arrows. There is one big problem with this method, its multi combat. As we all know there may be someone somewhere that feels the urge to take your experience, and the drop. Fire giants can be found in the brimhaven dungeon and are pretty good experience, the only thing annoying is the wild dogs, these dogs will attack you until you've been there long enough. You can either hide behind mushrooms or hand around the enterance and shoot at fire giants, hey, you might even get a dmed

Things you can do!
By now you should probably try to do roving elves, for the highest damaging bow, the crystal bow. Roving elves has a lot of quests you have to do before it though, Plague City, Biohazard, Underground pass, and Regicide. To cut all the requirements short, you pretty much have to have 56 agility to get this. Full karils - Yes, as all barrows sets have the 70 skill requirements you can now weild karils bow, it is high damaging, fast, and expensive. This bow is around 350k, pretty cheap or obtained by barrows, but the bolt racks can be up to 400 ea, pretty expensive.

-- Quick f2p guide --

You may think i'm neglecting the free to play players, well i'm not. the first 2 parts also apply to free to play players for they are in free to play areas.


I suggest most giants here, there is one great place for moss giant training, but you must have finished dragon slayer to go here. In crandar (Wait, i forget the name lol.) past karajma volcano make your way through the west of the area, you should see a place with 3 moss giants in it. There is a place with a bush/mushrooms on the northeast area of it, near rocks on the other side. It is a hiding spot, much like the hill giants you cannot get hurt. Also source of prayer, this is pretty useful. Also, lesser demons are a choice, hide behing a stlagmite in the volcano of karajma, and shoot at lesser demons. You won't get hurt.


There isn't a monster above lesser demon in free to play, not counting the greater demon found in deep wilderness, which i do not suggest as a training place because of pkers (player killers), at this point you should continue doing lesser demons or moss giants, or hill giants. Which are in my opinion the best places to train in free to play. Also for all of you pures, or lower levels you probably want to test yourself out in the wilderness. Range pkers are very decent and destroy most of all mages and if high enough range they can rip through the toughest of armors. If you are a hybrid (Mage/Range) you can switch to mage, hitting through their armor with ease and if they unequip their armor or switch to dragonhide, you switch to range. Which should make them run, teleport, or in your enjoyment. Watch them die, as you get all or all but 3-4 of their items.


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