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Friday, November 9, 2007

Quick Money Making guide

I would appreciate comments and ratings about my guide, be honest though because i need to improve these guides to help out my fellow sythe members! lol :P So heres the guide.

1. Uniditified Herbs ( also known as unid herbs )
An unidentified herb looks like the picture above ( i know its a guam leaf but its basically a herb )

Unid herbs are items used for herblore which most high leveled herblore skillers will buy. They will buy them for 1k ea in packs of when you have 11 different unid herbs.
There are certain monsters that you attack to get these such as
Chaos Druids (lv 13)
Al Kharid Warriors forget the name lol (lvl 7)
These 2 monsters i know of drop the herbs very frequently. A warning, when you get the herbs DO NOT IDENTIFY! if you identify the herb you could end up getting a guam leaf or a low level herblore leaf which is worth around 200gp ea.
So basically what you do is atfer collecting alot of Unidentified Herbs you sell them in packs of 11. ( Most people buy only in 11 different unids )
Its quite a good way to make money considering it is 1k a unid herb. It takes about 1 hour of killing the druids to make an easy 100k. Its that easy!

So yeah, thats my guide hope you guys liked it! Comments and ratings will be appreciated


Anonymous said...

update on rs no more unids

talerhottie said...

hi i play runescape im a level 70 my username is talerhottie and i was worndering if u had any other tips for me on makeing money plz that would be great my e mail is plz i need to make some money i have only 800k in items but ive been playing for 2 years will u plz help me i would really apreacheat it bye manny thanks

Anonymous said...

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tom said...

hi talerhottie,
im a lvl 75 on runescape(almost 76) and have moade lots of money. if u r a member, add me and ill show u how to make money. my rune scape username is flying dog16 im on most of da time so i should b on when u r ill add you 2 ok if ur on ill massage u.
ok cya! =-)

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