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Saturday, November 10, 2007

RS money making guide

OK well here is my guide of the best ways to make money in RS

OK my personal favorite is merchanting if you have a rare or have enough money to afford a rare i reccomend you buy one. masks,phats,santas, ext

After you have bought then for a cheap or decent price sell them for a few mill then you bought them, then repeat this process buy the same item for a few mill cheaper and sell for a few mill more (repeat this step works with any item)

2nd. My second favorite way to make money is yew cutting/merchanting chop about 1000 yews sell then for 280 gp each.. and after you have sold them buy 1000 yews on world one for 240gp and repeat this process.

If you are a member pick flax in seers and walk across to the building and turn them into bow strings they sell from 160 to 180 gp per string. this is not only GREAT money but it is fast and it bring up your crafting fast awell (you can make about 1000 bs in a few hours of straight making it) then sell it and repeat..

These ways of making money have made me tons of cash over 700m in the bank and rare..

Runescape Money Guide

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