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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Runescape: Free Pure Ess of 123

-=====Table of Contents=====-

Table of Contents:

~Page 1: Introduction
~Page 2: Table of Contents
~Page 3: In depth
~Page 4: Why?
~Page 5: Workers
~Page 6: Res
~Page 7: Res

-======In Depth=====-

Rune Mysteries Quest completed.
5 Noted Pure Ess

What to do:
-Come to the south-west side of the Pure Ess mine in WORLD 123 and trade someone who is wearing red robes and says "open" (Meaning he has a full pack of ess ready to give to you)
-Once the trade menu is opened you will put up 5 Noted Ess and he/she will put up 25 Unnoted Ess and accept trade.
-Take the Unnoted Ess to bank and renote 5 or quit and sell what you have.

Look at what youve made:
Lets break down what you get. Each trip you are making 20 Pure Ess (25-5 noted ess=20) which is about 2k per trip. Lets say in an hour you make 100 trips. What did you make? Well you have gotten 2k Pure Ess, thats 400k in an hour.

Lets say you dont want to sell your Pure Ess, you want to keep what you get and raise your runecrafting lvl. Well with 44 RC you can take your hour of 2k Pure Ess and make 2k Nature Runes which instead of the 400k an hour you make 600k + RC exp.


Well why? Fast cash, and all you do is walk to the mine and trade.... What more could you ask for!

Current Mining lvl: 51

Hello everyone, i am going out and trying to ***m my mining level and i think that you can help me. By me helping you =]]. What will happen is i will mine pure ess and give it to you for free! All you have to give me is 5 Noted Pure Ess. Making 100-400k an hour is a good for many people, especialy with the new hunter skill coming out!

Origonal Idea from w99 Pure Ess Company.


I stay in the pure ess mine. You come to me with 5 Noted Ess and i give you 27 Unnoted Ess. Which means you gain 22 Pure Ess fast and easy. Now what? Well you can go to the bank and bank it and come back with 5 more Noted Ess or you can quit and sell you earnings.

As for us miners, we will get a much less profit than you but we will gain mining lvls at the same time. It saves us time running to the bank and back meaning we get less *p in so much a time.


Want to get you mining lvl up while making money at the same time? Well we need YOU to help us out. If we get a bunch of people down here with only 1 miner then there will be a wait and people will get eager and leave the company.

What you will do is stand in the south-west corner of the Pure Ess mine wearing red robes and mine a full load of pure ess. When you have 25 ess say "open" to let people know you have ess to trade. They will give you 5 noted ess each time. If we get a lot of people you could be trading 7+ people a minute meaning 3.5k a minute, now times that by 60 350k plus xp an hour! Now fill out this application and come on down!