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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fastest Skill Leveling Guide

Attack/ Defense/ Strength:

The simplest way to level attack quickly would be to get your gear on. I’d suggest a whip for attack and defense or a dragon scimitar or long sword for strength.

Either a glory or fury
Legends, fire or obby cape
Bezerker or warrior ring
Climbing boots or rune boots
Cooking gauntlets/ Klank’s gauntlets or barrows or dragon gloves.
You do not need armor

Then what you should do is head to Caniffs, you do not need food, and head down to experiments, and just kill all you can as fast as you can. These creatures are incredibly great as they are very weak, will not hurt you, have very little defense, and give 400 experience per kill.

To get to experiements, you must first compelete the preiests in peril quest and then do 25 percent of the creature of frienkenstrain quest.

This is a great fast way to gain experience.


For range, my suggestion is to always use iron knives. These are the fastest weapons in the game, and hit reasonably well.

Set your combat for rapid, as this is the fastest.

I would wear

Dragon hide, black is preferable
Archer helm or Robin Hood hat
Ranger boots
Glory or a fury.
Legends, fire or obby cape
Archer ring, however this is not necessary as this is very expensive
Cooking gauntlets/ Klank’s gauntlets or barrows/dragon gloves

Head to either fire giants or King Lathas Training Field, both require quests, and start killing.

Ogres are much faster as you will not pick up anything, and fire giants you do get drops and they are slower.

Cannons are also a very quick way to level range.


For the fastest prayer experience, which is about 200k experience per hour, you will need to spend a lot. Make or borrow a guilded altar, and buy dragon bones. This will get you experience very fast.

The guilded altar increases prayer experience per bone by 3.5 times, this is with both burners lit. Burners require 1 marrentill and both burners must be lit to receive prayer experience.

The altar is buildable at level 75 construction, 72 with tea served by a butler, and 69 with tea mixed with a crystal saw (reward from Eyes of Glouphrie quest) or you can borrow someone else.

Use the dragon bones on the altar with both burners lit, to gain prayer experience


Magic can be very fast with the right equipment and runes.

The fastest way would be to wear full Ahrims, and magic boosting gear. Buy bloods and other runes. Wear an ancient staff, and head to the desert, take the ride to the bandit camp, and head to the bar. If you attack these bandits, they will stay aggressive on you forever, and they are only level 54. Then use the highest ancient attack spell you can, hitting multiple targets at once. This is very fast yet the cost is very heavy.

For the Bandit guys, you need to be wearing some type of Zammy or Sara Items

Such as..
-God Cape
-Ammy (unbless and holy) (from newfoundpowa)

Another way is teleporting. Camelot teleport is a level 45 spell that gives 55 experiences per cast, and is very quick. You are wasting one law per teleport however. A staff of air is recommended.

High Alchemy is a costless skill if you use the right materials, Dragon hide vamps or Yew or Magic longs and Nature runes. If you use high alchemy on these items you will gain experience and money. The money is only profit if you make the items yourself. Yew longs are the easiest to do and make a profit, but require 70 fletching.


There are several ways to level runecrafting, it is not a fast skill so don’t expect level 99 in a day.

The first suggestion is world 16, air runes. This is a very fast way to gain levels while gaining a profit. Runners will trade you a full load of rune essence for air runes or 2000 gp; sometimes they will take different payments. If you can make 5 times and above airs, you will be gaining profit. This way is very simple and you can gain money.

The next two methods are for level 54 rune crafters. World 66 is expensive, but has a quicker experience yield per hour. Rune crafters will stand outside the rune altar, yell open, and trade with a runner who brings you 27 unnoted pure essences for your 27 laws and 27 noted pure essences. Then craft, and repeat. This is costly as you are giving away free pure essence basically.

World 99 is another option, there are slightly less runners as it is a free service. Set up in the same way as world 66, the only difference is that runners will trade 27 unnoted pure essences for only 27 laws. This way you will not spend a single coin. The major difference between the two is this, and the speed is considerably slower on this world.

For these next 2 methods, you should always use all the Abyssal pouches that you can use. Crafting runes through the abyss is a very simple way to gain levels; it is also the most dangerous. Although located in level 7-9 wild above Edgeville, the Zamorak Mage will teleport you to the abyss. The abyss, which is multi-combat, is not considered the wild; however, it is filled with aggressive monsters. The abyss is available after the Zamorak Mage Mini Quest, allowing access to any of the altars, without actually going to the altar, and without the need for tiara’s or talismans. This is the fastest way to make money rune crafting. Natures or Laws are the best idea. Also, it is recommended to have multiple glories to teleport back to Edgeville.

The final way I will mention will be the dueling ring method. The duel arena is very close to the fire altar, and castle wars are very close to a 1 click bank. This makes dueling rings very valuable for runecrafting experience. And are costless after 35 rune crafting and produce a profit after 75. Buy dueling rings and regular essence, and head to castle wars. Bring a fire tiara and rune essence, and your pouches and click your dueling ring and run to the altar, craft and teleport to castle wars again. And repeat. This is very fast, but requires supplies.


Construction is a fast skill, but it is very costly. Oak Planks can be used to level, building an oak larder allows you to make only 3 per trip. Oaks are great for leveling as they balance cost and speed. Also using teak and mahogany table are costly but are fast. Marble can also be used if you really want to level fast.

My method of leveling construction, 70 in just a few hours, is to note all your oak logs, buy a demon butler, bring all your cash, saw and hammer and let your demon butler do all bank trips and sawmill trips, this is very fast and cheaper than just buying planks. The butler charges 10k per 4 round trips (bank and sawmill) this ends up to about 375 gp per plank.


Quick agility training isn’t that difficult to do. This is my agility training guide

For levels 1-35 agility you should just use the gnome course. It’s slow but it*s not many times.

For 35-52 agility you should use the barbarian outpost, faster but still slow.

At 52 you are granted access to the best training for agility yet, the wild agility course. At first you may think this is very dangerous but if you do it right, even if you are pked you won’t lose much. Bring a dds, and a load of cake or salmon, as it is very easy to replace. Head to Ardoughne and use the lever there to get to level 54 wild, head to the arena, enter and do the course. Pker’s can attack you anywhere on the course, just log out, run, or kill the attacker; this is a great way to level.

At level 75, you should switch to ape atoll, Ape atoll is a very quick course, and food is nearby. Now, why 75 if the course requirement is only 48, simply because at level 75 you stop failing the agility obstacles, previously this course would make you fail much more, now at 75 you will be gaining agility experience very fast.


Before I start, I must mention leveling herblore quickly is a very expensive endeavor.

The fastest way to gain herblore levels is to buy water filled vials at 200-250 gp each, buy your herbs and your seconds; very quickly you can gain levels. However this way you will almost always lose money. Gathering 1-3 of theses supplies is timely but will save you money.

The next fastest would be to buy unids above rannar at 2k each. Then id the lowest make them into potions, and then move up the ladder, sell the potions, and you will gain a lot of experience

You can always collect unids yourself by attacking chaos druids under Edgeville. Seconds are scattered all around the world, and vials are found in Ardoughne, Shilo Village, Entrana and Taverly.


Thieving is a skill I am not very familiar with, but my understanding is that: from level 1-5 steal from men
From level 5-20 steal from cake stalls
From level 20-38 steal from silk stalls
At level 38 master farmers are very good as they give seeds, and at 40 guards are quite good.
At level 45 Fremennik citizens are very good, and there is a fish stall right near them
From there, knights, then paladins are decent.
Any advice would be helpful

Thieving ... From lvl 65 is good menamphite thugs ... you can stunned them with black jack or whatever is it called and thiev them so you can't get caught ... really quick ... my friend got 3m xps in 3 days ... he was playing like 8-12 hours ... (tech 007)

theiving guards 40-70 after awhile its starts getting easyier in the end u make half a mil (500k) and its good xp when u get on a roll hope it heaps (downkill)

for thieving, pyramid plunder is definately the fastest xp around. Im lvl 72 thieving, and i get 100k xp per hour at pryamid plunder, along with the occasional sceptre (roaryouidiot)


Crafting is not a fast skill:

For crafting cow hides are an efficient and reasonably cheap way to level, coifs are very good for training and very fast.

Eventually, green dragon hides, and blue dragon hide vamps are decent to make; and Alch at a pretty fair price.

Flax into bowstrings is a good way to gain levels and profit; however it is not a fast way to level.

Jewelry works well too, buying gems from f2p, and making and enchanting rings can yield a good profit.


Fletching is one of the fastest skills to level. To get 70 fletching, waste your money on willows and make unstrung bows, a helpful tip is to only string yew and magic long bows.

At 70, the fastest way to level would be to buy yew logs, and cut them into yew longs and don’t string them and sell them like that, at a profit; to me this is faster than stringing them all, and I do not need to be as attentive.

You can easily make money by stringing them also.

And if you alch them you can gain magic experience.

If you have enough money when you reach 85 fletching, magic longbows in bulk can be very good at gaining experience.


There really is no simple fast way to level slayer, other than using the highest slayer master you can, and meleeing the task, while cannoning at the same time. In my opinion this is one of the slowest skills to level.

page 15 has an excellent slayer suggestion


For mining, there are really only 2 fast ways to level, and one requires higher mining than the other.

First let me explain power mining, power mining is the process in which you mine and drop your ore, either after a full 28 or another smaller number. This allows for more time spent mining, and less time spent banking. This can also apply to using a runner, or another player, to trade with you, you give them a full load of iron, and they bank. This is considerably faster than dropping yourself, and two people benefit from mining.

Iron is the best way to do this. Why iron and not coal? Iron is 1 hit, while coal never is. This means more experience per minute than coal. Power mining all the way, experience will flow in.

Granite at higher levels works well too, but it does seem like more experience per time, but runners will not want granite.


Smithing a slow skill to begin with, however the fastest ways to level will be very costly.

Buying the best metal bar you can buy and making plates is very fast but will take a chunk out of your savings.

Another semi fast way is to buy iron ores, and make bars, and then knives, this will allow you to make nearly 225 percent profit. You’ll need forging rings for this method.

Another way is to buy steel bars and make cannon balls, quite simple really.

Also, gold smithing gauntlets and gold ores is the second fastest method there is, but you will lose cash.

Razokin has a great suggestion on page 26. And it includes fletching.


For fishing, buy yourself a few thousand feathers and head to Shilo village, fly fish in Shilo and bank the salmon and trout for cooking. This is the fastest experience in fishing there is.

You may also try lobster fishing at higher levels, but this is nowhere near as fast as fly fishing.

As other players have posted, Monkfish are a great way to level at higher levels. They have more fishing experience than sharks, and fish faster than them aswell. This is a reward for the swan song quest.


Cooking is a very speedy skill; my first recommendation is to complete the Family Crest Quest and obtain the cooking gauntlets, which allow you to stop burning quicker.

First of all, get 65 cooking by cooking salmon or trout. Then buy yourself 10k raw lobsters, and cook those, at 65 with the gauntlets you will not burn any, either sell these or trade for raw lobsters.

At 94 cooking, switch to sharks, from here on out, you will be speeding through levels. Some people can get 5 million experience points a day!

Firemaking is a simple skill and all that is needed is a tinderbox and logs.

To level very quickly, use magic logs but this is costly.

Yews work very well if you’re looking to keep your bank intact

Willows are the very best to work with as you can gain 500k experience at no more than 90k cash.


Woodcutting is very easy, Get yourself a rune axe, or if your willing to get the top of the line, a dragon axe, for the fastest leveling. Head to draynor and chop willows.

Willows are the fastest for woodcutting.


Farming is one of the slowest skills, only because it takes so darn long for things to grow, to combat this you must do a technique called chain farming. Chain farming is utilizing all the plots and allotments you can. And using the seeds you can.

If you can afford it, buy watermelon seeds in bulk, 300 seeds. Get wild blood seeds, all the tree seeds you can get, curry tree seeds work very well, dwell- white berry seeds, limpwurt seeds, belladonna seeds and mushroom spores and rannar seeds and above.

If you can, use super compost on all, this will save you a lot of trouble and a lot of dead plants.

Use magic sectaurs while collecting herbs as you’ll get more.

Travel around the world, teleporting as close as possible to the next place you will plant.

My last advice to you is to be very patient, farming is a slow skill.


nate said...

the prices of yews have gone up to 330-380ea this makes you lose up to 75k per alch including if you fletch depending on how many alchs you need losing 75k is not the bad but i would like to recomend mage longs the are 1300ea and the alch for 1536ea
there for you may only lose 50k

Doomachine said...

The prices of yews are now 400-420 ea :P

Anonymous said...

Another way to level fletching is to do the Micellania(sp) quest and set your guys at full maples. At 1.5mil in conifers you will get about 600 maples a day. They only high alch for 192 also.

Another way to level any of the skills is to use the tears of guthix cave once a week.

Pest control is another good way to level combat when your 90+

Crafting, possibly tiaras.

Thieving, I suggest against the Freminkes, as they catch you a lot. I suggest going to Ardourange(sp) and stealing from the stalls there. Once 45 you can steal from the guards. They catch you a lot also, just not as much as frems.

Agility, try Karma agility course, you get tickets to help with xp. I suggest saving to 1000 once you are around level 50.

Other than those few suggestions, your guide looks great.

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