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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Runescape Money making guide... well sort of

1. Introduction
2. Quick ways of making money
3. Best Ways
4. Other ways

1.This is my money making guide! Ever dreamed of having millions of gp? Well here I will explain the methods known. This is f2p guide. The best part is its 100% FREE!! You herd me it’s FREE! If u do not have 50k, it is important to read the first section. If u do then skip to next step if you wish to.

2. To get your first 50k I recommend killing chickens. Sell they’re feathers 5-10gp ea! If you think its too long you can also kill cows and sell they’re hides for 100gp ea! And another way is to go to the fishing spot in karajama. Some of the people will drop lobsters, which you can sell for approx. 200gp ea. Therefore, after about 5k feathers, 500 hides, or 250 lobbies you should have your first 50k.

3. Another way is to fish for lobbies and cook them for about 200gp ea. Lets say you collect 500 lobbies that is around 100k already! Now another way mine iron! Iron sells for 50-100gp ea which is very good money. When around lvl 40 mining I suggest mining coal. Coal sells for 150gp-180gp ea! You can mine it at lvl 30 but will take forever. If u can’t mine coal no worries buy all coal u can for 100gp ea and resell for 150-180gp ea. This is what is called merchanting. Probably the best way of making money, it is what I do mostly. If u are lvl 30+ I recommend killing hill giants and taking they're bones. Big bones sell for 300gp in west varok bank in world 1. You can also merchant them. Buy them for 310gp ea and resell for 350gp ea. If u can buy 1k big bones buy them for 350gp ea and resell for 400gp ea (thx to sells pure accounts)

4.I do not do this much but from other people I know they say this is great money. Mining essences, if you get like 1k essences (which should take like 30-40 mins) you get like 30-40k. So, about 50k in an hour that’s good money. I suggest not selling until have 1k of them. Buyers may higher the price if you have more than 1000. Also this is not recommended at all but you can also pick bananas at karajama. You only get 30gp for filling his cart. In an hour, you can only get like 5k.


Anonymous said...

although your ideas are great i know of better ways. for example. if you become a member those objects tend to sell for more money. and if you are already member you can pick flax and spin it into bow strings. the packs of 1k can sell for 150k to 200k ea! plus it raises your crafting level significantly. contact. island gal6 on the official runescape game for more information

Anonymous said...

I would probabley do all these money making methods but i have a great one! but you have to have lots of starting money all ready, you'll have to start out with 1.3M
so once you have that all you do is go to seers bank and say " buying whip 1.3m!" once you've got a whip then sell it for 1.5m! then put 200k in the bank and do it again its really easy i can make
10m in one day!! but i got 1.3m by mining pure ess so ya it helped alot for me and in one week i already have 100m!! its awesome any person can do this as long as there a member i'm only lvl 70 and i can make 100m!!!!

Anonymous said...

yea i dunno i can mak 50k in a day cuz i lvl 34 so ya i spin da flax i get 500 flax its good but it take long time.

ghosts said...

if i had 41 mining i would use my rune pick to mind 15k pure essence then sell for 1.5m then go buy whip for 1.3m then sell it for 1.65m thats how much they are now not 1.5m

Anonymous said...

all these methods on top or bottom are bull shit best way to make money is this...(may take u a wile)u need to become mem do shilo village quest mine gems then use the guy with cart to take u to a gold mine and mine gold then make them into braces and alch em, but for the opals and tops and jades it would b wise to ither drop them or flech them. that is the best money makeing method and its not like the bullshit whip thang takes u hours to get a whip seller to sell u 1 for lower than what its worth and 200k cant make u 10m in a day trust me im a lv 110

Anonymous said...

I make 1.3m a day...i can't say how though but you can guess....

Anonymous said...

All there methods are noooooooooooobbbb ways. n all da noobs speak lik dis.

coz dey fink der kwl.

Learn to spell.