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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RS Psycological Trading..a New Way To Look At It

Well, all of you probably do some merchanting, but more likely ...sell/buy/trade. These are common acts of merchanting, but there is
another way to look at it. Psycology, which expains everything. Here are some common phrases that you can use to determine what they are intending to do/think/scam of you. Here are a few examples showing what the person is thinking.

"selling 500 freaking iron bars, just buy please!" This person is anxious and not very smart, because after a while his bars will go down and price, then you jump on him and buy for the low price.

"selling 500 iron bars contact me on private, a/w is 500 each(not accurate prices but who cares) This person is patient, yet it in a hurry. He wants to maximize in cash, yet will take the time however long it takes till he finds a high bidder 400 ea.
This is not the person you want to haggle with, and he is usually in the process of doing something such as alching\fletching. So this is not the right person to buy from.

"500 iron bars for sale 200 each" this person is obviously impatient and is desperate going low price. Just wait a few seconds, because he will get even more impatient as time passes.

These are 3 examples..1 and 3 are the ones you are aiming for on merchanting.

Psycological key words/phrases:

private: in a hurry, desperate and patient

sell to him rather than me: A scammer, don't even trade this person or the other, it just makes it more tempting and you could fall for it.

ex of this: I'll trade you for a nature reed for your dragon med lighthouse. Other guy trades me and puts up 10 mil. Pretty imtimidating, lol i saw ther log out tactic, didn't fool me..psycology ownz!

selling blah blah got 5 min!: desperate person probably(80%) lying, so he is definately gonna admit his disaster in 5 minutes. Well, at least you can psycologically 0wn him. He probably also will be a target said in example 1 and 3, don't say that he is a lier, or he most likely wont sell to you which is not the aim of this.

noob: if he says bank sale no noobs, this refers to no wimpy offers, which makes him want to spend less time, meaning that he has no time..making him a desperate buyer\seller.

not you!: means he has a better buyer, just a little impatient, nothing to be upset just means you will have to take it to the next level if you want to buy it. So just a person trying to make you "bid" higher so its just a temptation, look at it that way if you haven't before.

person isn't (talking or anything): definately and most probably a scam. This means they are really happy just dont wanna show it out or blurt out any clues, yet by saying nothing they are giving out a clue. Also when they say "accept" it means they are impatient and you can say "no, thats a bad deal, but i'll do it for 10k more." And he'll blow his cap and accept.

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