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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Make Runescape Money: LAW RUNES

This is a guide to making money, by "trading" law runes.

Items you will need:
1. law tiara( TROLL STRONGHOLD)
2. --27- UNOTED p ess(just to start)
3. (optional) any prayer book, and any kind of ammulet

Items you CANNOT bring/weild:
1. any kind of armor(the monks wont let you into Entrana)
2. DO NOT WEAR ZAMMY ROBES!!( crafters wear these.)

World: --66--
Place: Law Alter, Entrana



1. Once you are in Entrana, take the east path until you come to a place where people are all over the place, and you see "ruins."

2. With your law tiara wielded, click on "enter mysterious runis."

3. Once inside, you will see people in RED ZAMMY ROBES, these are the people you want to trade with, they are crafters.

4. Trade with one of the crafters. You will offer your --27-- UNOTED p ess, the crafter will offer --27-- law runes, and --27-- NOTED p ess. Accept trade.

5. After trade, go outside to an area where no one is, but sort of close to the "ruins" entrance. When you are in place say: "open 15/27."

6. Someone will trade with you. While in the trade screen, you will offer --15-- law runes and the --27-- NOTED p ess. The "law runner" will offer --27-- UNOTED p ess. Accept trade.

7. You should still --12-- law runes, and --27-- UNOTED p ess if you have don this right.

8. After this, go back inside the alter, and repeat steps: 4-7.

9. You will be making --12-- laws runes per trade. The plus side to this method is that you never have to leave the island!

10. Sometimes other people will offer --18-- law runes per one trade instead of 15, just to steal your business. So you can either meet them at --18-- law runes or even go to --19-- law runes.

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