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Friday, October 5, 2007

Runescape Skill Guide:firemaking

first, u need a hatchet; any kind will do awright, but the better the axe, the easier it will be to chop. most can be bought at Bob's Axes in Lumby, but u can also smith ur own.
Building a Fire

Now that you have everything together, you can either use the tinderbox with the logs in your backpack, or drop the logs and use the tinderbox with them. Or, you can now choose the option 'Light Fire' if you see some logs on the ground. Your character will keep trying to light the fire until it catches, and then you've got a hot fire!

Fire Info

Once you've gotten better at both woodcutting and firemaking, you will be able to burn a wider variety of logs which give even more experience. These logs from rare trees require a higher level and some can only be found in certain places in the RuneScape world, but they are also worth more than normal logs.
Logs Firemaking Level Firemaking Experience
Regular 1 40
Oak 15 60
Willow 30 90
Maple 45 135
Yew 60 202.5
Magic 75 303.75

Firemaking Notes


Members now have the ability to light Lanterns, which are used while in extremely dark places. Currently, the only place that Lanterns are used is in the Lumbridge Swamp Slayer Dungeon. For info about making the actual lantern, check out the Crafting guide.

To light a Lantern, you first need to get fuel for it. Collect some Swamp Tar from either the Lumbridge or Mort Myre Swamp, and bring it to the Chemist west of Rimmington. Use the tar with the Still on the Chemist's table, and then use the lantern with the Still to fill it up. Candle Lanterns just need a lit Candle to be used with them. Now just use a Tinderbox to light it. The better the Lantern you use, the brighter the light is.
Lantern Firemaking Level
Candle Lantern 4
Oil Lamp 12
Oil Lantern 26
Bullseye Lantern 49

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