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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Merchants' Guide To Making Money

V. 1 just started.
V. 1.5 Price updates

Table of Contnts:
I. Updates
II. Table of contents
III. Preperations
IV. Getting better
V. List of Items and prices

III. Preperations

First of all, the easiest way to start out is to either have a friend smith you a mith 2h, or to get 5k.

If you get a mith 2h, go to a world with a bunch of people in Varrok square. Dont go to world 1 or any other world that is packed. Go to a world that is about 2/3-3/4 full. Go to to the square and just type "selling mith 2h". People always want to buy them cause they go pking and lose them. Always wait to get at least 3 offers. Then choose the highest one, or if they aren't high enough, try to get a price you want. 8-10k is a good price(but you may only get 6-7k witch is good too). Then later after the person leave, buy a m2h for about 2k less than what you sold it for.

That is about the easiest way to start out.


IV. Getting Better

Now, after you have gotten about 30k with the mith 2h's, go and buy 2 dimond ammies(10k each), and 2 ruby ammies(5k each). now go to the same place as where you sold the mith 2h's. BE strick on the Dimond ammies and sell them 12k each, but if offered better, take it. For the Ruby ones, it doesn't matter as much and can be sold at any price over 5.5k. now keep buying and selling these untill you have about 50k.

Now you can get more money since you have experence and money. Buying and selling rune 2h's!

Rune 2h's are in high demand, and cheep ! First with your 50k, buy a r2h for 40k (if they sell less/more than that tell me someone, the rs economy is horrible these days....). now, sell it for 45k, this is very easy to do since people are always buying and selling them. This is most easily done on world 1. in about an hour you can get 100k if you work hard enough. For further Items to buy/sell, keep reading.


V. List of Items and their prices

ARMOUR (only vaulable)

Full Helm~ 2k
Plate~ 4.5k
Plate Legs~ 3.5k
Kite Shield~ 4.5k
Square Sheild~ 3k
Full~ 11k

Full Helm~ 3k
Plate~ 5k
Plate Legs~ 5k
Kite Sheild~ 5k
full~ 13k

Full Helm~ 3.5k
Plate~ 15k
Plate Legs~ 6.5k
Kite Sheild~ 10k
Square Sheild~ 5k
Full~ 26k

Med Helm~ 10k
Full Helm~ 30-35k
Chain~ 50k
Plate~ 70-80k
Plate Legs~ 65k
Square Sheild~ 40k
Kite Sheild~ 60k
Full~ 150k

More to come.

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