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Monday, October 22, 2007

Runescape Money Guide: Mercy's Guide to million's

This is a guide to tell the runescape community how i make my millions. First of all you might remember the Marrionette dolls, the man said if you lost yours, you could come back and get another.

The general store in Fallador, is the closest one. They buy them for 1gp ea!! So sell the childs play thing and you can get another.

*1Gp to 10Gp*

Making a trip will be 2 mins(while running) and 3 mins walking! So thats 1gp every 2-3 minutes! WOW! Repeat 10 times and you'll have 10Gp.

*10gp to 100gp*

Next is a tricky part, you have to...REPEAT! the last step, ninty more times you should be well on your way by now!
2 minutes a trip, so thats 200minutes which is only 3hours and 30 minutes(if you run the whole time)

*100gp to 1000gp*

Next your going to want to try a different world, the general store will no longer accept dumb dolls! So world hop, now is the hard part, you got to do the same thing all over again, nine Hundred times! Remember 2 minutes per trip so...2x900=30hours! WOW 30hours and 1K GP!!!!!

*1000gp to 100,000Gp*

Repeat AGAIN! 99,000 more times! Lets do the math 3000 hours!

*NOW FOR THE FINAL STEP!* 100k gp to 100Million gp!

This is going to take a pretty dedicated player, but in the end its all worth it!! You should be switching worlds, you will have done about 3,369 world hops, now remember 2 mins per trip, so just keep your mind clear and Concentrate!!

100,000,000x2=200,000,000minutes/ 6 0=3,333,333 hours!/24=138,888 days!! WOW!! 380years!!


Anonymous said...

LOOOOL so damn fun! :P

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