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Friday, October 5, 2007

Runescape Guide: 50 firemaking in an hour

50 Firemaking is a requirement for Desert Treasure, heres a way to do it quick, and barely losing money.
Firemake is one of the most anoyying skills there are, just relax and don't get distracted.
First, you will need to get from 1-15 Firemaking, to do this go to a full f2p world and go to varrok store, most of the time they regular logs stocked, if not just go to lumby and look for autoers to be dropping regular logs.Burn them untill you reach 15 fm.
Second, at level 15 you are now able to burn oak logs, this is where it gets easier, all stores in packed f2p worlds are full of oak logs, buy them for only 6 each and burn 'till you get to 30 firemaking.
Third, you have now reached a breakthrough in firemaking, you can now burn all the logs in you inventory without having to attempt to light them if you go the right speed, buy these from the general store in varrok and burn until either 45 or go till 50.
Fourth(optional), now you can burn maple logs, it will take about 300 to get level 50 which wont take long.
Total cost: Not even 50k
Good Luck with Desert Treasure

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