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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Runescape: Cut wood and make money

So you think woodcutting is useless do you? Well you thought wrong! I made 300k towards my mask set in one day through woodcutting; admittedly it was a long and boring day, but 300k is a lot of money.
This guide will show you how to make money at the various levels of the skill. I will show you how to get to level 15 fastest (this is the level required to start making money from your woodcutting) and from there I will tell you how to gain woodcutting experience and a hefty profit at the same time.
This guide does not contain any methods which will get you fast xp, in fact it’s probably the slowest way of getting xp but it will make you the best profit in my opinion.

Starting Out: levels 1 - 15
First off, grab the best hatchet you can afford/wield and head over to Draynor. Follow the path south from Draynor and on the east side of the path is our target. Many people will argue that Lumbridge swamp is best but here, the trees are nicely laid out and close to a bank if you plan to bank your logs.
Once your reach this area wield you hatchet and start chopping away. Once you have a full inventory you have 3 options; Bank you logs, burn your logs or drop your logs. If you want quick woodcutting Xp then I strongly suggest you bank the logs as the other 2 methods will most likely take more time than running to the bank. The map shows the best route to the bank and remember, sticks to the paths as you travel faster on the paths (apparently).

Small Time Money Maker: Levels 15 – 30
At this stage you can now cut down oak trees. With the introduction of bank notes into Runescape oak logs are now a lot easier to trade.
P2P Location: Go to Seers village and just south of the bank are 2 oak trees with only once space in-between them. This is where you will make your money. Stand between the two oak trees and chop away. Once your inventory is full deposit the logs and start the cycle again.

F2P Location: Head to Falador east bank and withdraw your hatchet and nothing else. Head out the bank and south down the path. Once you get out the gates head south-west and you should find 2 oak trees relatively close to each other. I haven’t ever seen these crowded so you should do quite well from chopping these trees.

You should be able to bank 350 logs in an hour if you really concentrate. Once you have a good number of logs withdraw them as bank notes and sell them to fletchers/fire makers. These two kinds of people will pay for the experience they can gain from your logs!
Selling price: 50 – 100gp per log

Profit maker: levels 30 - 45
Congratulations as now you can start making a decent profit as oak was getting slow wasn’t it? Your target? Willow trees!
P2P Location: North and slightly west of Seers village bank is 3 willow trees in a triangle formation. This is where you are going to be working for the next few hours. Chop them in any order you like as it won’t make any difference. There are 2 more willow trees directly south of the bank if there is a lot of competition for the triangle. Keep chopping one tree until it is exhausted before you move on to the next tree and this way you will cut logs faster.

F2P Location: Head to Draynor bank and go west out of the doors and then straight down south. Just south of the bank are 4 (yes 4!) willow trees. These can be crowded at times but is still the best spot for F2P willow cutting! ** Sadly you F2Pers will have to stick to willow cutting until level 60 as you cannot cut maple trees.

Same routine as before just chop until your inventory is full and then bank and repeat. You should be able to bank 300 logs per hour or 250 if you’re slack! As your level gets closer to the 45 mark you will find that will be able to cut more and more logs per hour and therefore a faster profit. There are 2 more willow trees directly south of the bank if there is a lot of competition for the triangle. Keep chopping one tree until it is exhausted before you move on to the next tree and this way you will cut logs faster. Stay with willow until you reach level 45 or 60 if you are F2P.
Selling price: 100 – 200gp per log

Getting Serious: 45 – 60
With a woodcut level of 45+ all you need is dedication and you can make some decent money. The demand for maple logs is reasonable and the prices are good. The trouble with maple trees is that there isn’t a nice triangle of anything like that. Maple trees are dotted about Seer’s village. The one I would recommend using is on the north side of the bank as it is the closest to the bank. Same routine as before, chop a full inventory and then bank the lot and repeat. At this level it will be getting slow but the profit per hour of maple trees will still be higher than the rest. You should be banking 250 logs per hour if you’re going at a comfortable rate. You cannot afford to be fighting for a tree at this stage as maple trees are too sparse. If a spot is taken, move to a different location or a different world as it will be much faster in the long run. Keep at it as the next stage provides some awesome profit!
Selling price: 200 – 300gp per log

Rich now aren’t ya’: levels 60 – 75
At this level the cash will start flowing in. Yew trees are your new target and you will be happy to know that these trees are both P2P and F2P.
P2P Location: There is a slightly different location I want you to head to this time. Go west from the bank along the path and you should notice a church, well in its graveyard are several yew trees. These trees are barely ever too crowded so you should be able to work with out much disturbance. Cut 28 logs and then bank them by using the path to the bank. Try to run all the time for this route as we don’t want to waste any time unnecessarily.

F2P Location: Head over to Edgeville bank and head west out of the entrance and then south to a small garden. Inside this garden are 2 yew trees. There are many yew trees dotted about F2P but these are the two closest to a bank and therefore more convenient to you!

This is the best level to make a profit from due to yew logs being in high demand from fletchers. You may be able to cut 200 logs per hour at the graveyard/garden but don’t worry that’s still a profit of 100 – 150k per hour!
Selling price: 500 – 750gp per log

Rolling in it: levels 75+
So you’ve done it… your now an elite woodcutter and can make a huge profit from your skills! Magic logs can be annoying to shift though. The reason for this is that few people have a fletching level which is high enough to fletch magic bows so there is less demand but the fact that you can fetch up to 10x more per magic log should make up for that!. If you want to make money via magic logs then head to the Gnome Tree Stronghold. Head through the main entrance and on the west side of the path should be a magic tree located next to the bank ladder (how convenient!). Simply chop the tree and then go up the ladder to the gnome bank, bank your logs and start over. You should be cutting 100 – 150 logs per hour at the 75 mark.
Selling price: 5,000gp per log


The Trees

Never wear any fancy clothes or items then will increase your weight once you cut maple trees or higher. Due to the trees being further from a bank you will need to conserve all the energy you can! Also if your P2P and have completed the temple of Ikov quest then always wear your boots of lightfootedness for that extra long lasting feeling!
If a random event occurs then don’t carry on woodcutting! If it’s a spirit then run away, a swarm then run, you axe head fell off then find it and reattach and if it’s a tangle vine then for heavens sake don’t move!
Always sell your logs in notes. It’s far more convenient for both you and the buyer
The best places to sell your logs are on the most crowded serves at either Seers bank or Falador eastern bank.


Anonymous said...

Could i just say, that those prices as an average arent accurate at all.

willow:16gp each
yew:380gp each
magic:1k to 1.1k each

Anonymous said...

everything is ok exept prices

willow 15gp each
yew 360 gp each
magic 1k each

Anonymous said...

with the update of the grand exchange dude you need to get wid da times

Anonymous said...

yews are now worth 475gp each

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