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Thursday, October 18, 2007

RS: Merchanting guide

Chapter 1: getting started First 100k
Chapter 1 continued: getting started First 100k
Chapter 2: a little better First 250k
Chapter 3: getting closer First 500k
Chapter 4: mills First 1000k
Chapter 5: Multi Mills First Multi Mill
Chapter 6: Rares
Chapter 7: New quests/Skills

Chapter 1: Getting Started

In this chapter you will learn how to make up to 100k

There are alot of different ways to make cash in rs. In this chapter i will start out with some basic merchanting/skill ideas.

Choc Dust/Bars Method 1

This first way is really simple. There are a few different places that sell choc dust/bars.

First go to the knome village(place with the first agility course). Go inside the big Tree where the king is. Go up to the floor with the new mini game(floor #2).
If you go by where the bank is you will find a guy selling stuuf for the minigame. I believe the choc is 14gp each.

They have dust and bars. What i do is buy all, close out of the store window, then right click on the guy and go to the store part again. There will now be 3 choc bars and dust in stock.

The bank is less than 15 seconds away.
I did this and got 5k choc (dust and bars) in 4 hours.
One of the best choc methods.
Choc dust sells for about 350 each so not bad at all.

Method #2

Another choc bar place is in Nardah (in the desert) make sure you have desert clothes and atleast 2k. They sell choc bars here for 14 gp each. There is a bank very close too. For this method you have to keep changing worlds (thats why I would stick with method #1



You need 10 crafting

Im not sure if you would call this merchanting or a skilling. First go to Seers any world. Go to the flax field and pick 28 flax. Now go to the little house with the ladder to the west (follow the crowd if you are not sure where this is). Go up the ladder and over to the spinwheel. Go ahead and and spin the 28 flax. Now you have 18 bow string or bs. go ahead and bank this.

Keep doing this untill you have 1k bs. At this point you can go on the forums or stand in seers bank and sell the 1k bs for 150-190 each.

Chapter #1 Continued

Methed 3 for choc bars(ran out of room on last post)

I got this idea from page 12

"you can also do recipe for disaster and you can buy cholate bars for cheap from the cuilmacers chest (the more of the quest you do more bars it stock) and the bank is in the same spot! cuz theres a bank in the cuilmancers chest! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE MOVE but one bad thing you have 2 grind the bars"

#3 Cow Hides

You can buy them in any non-member world in the Al Kharid bank. Buy them for about 100 gp each.
if you dont have the cash feel free to just kill the cows right to the east of Lumbridge. After you think you have enough cow hides you can sell them in the forums or a busy world for a higher price.(im sorry im not sure what a good price is to sell, but my friend told me about this method)
Let me know if you know a good price to sell at.

#4 Chaos Druids

The reason im mentioning chaos druids is unids. They drop unids(un identified herb) almost every kill not to mention they are very weak.

After you have even 100 unids(i recomend getting 100+) you can sell for 1k each to end up with a even 100k.

Chapter 2: A Little Better

If i were you i would continue the unid methed and the choc method to get to 500k

#1 Bronze Arrows

For this you need some cash (like the 100k you just earned)

Go to varrok If you are a member then log in a members world. Go to the arrows shop and buy all of the bronze arrows in stock. If you are lucky there will be a little over 1000. After the store is sold out, log out, and pick another world. With 100k you can get about 16,000 arrows. Go ahead and get on the forums or a busy world and sell. You can get up to 20 gp each from these.

16,000 x 20 = 320,000 or 320k

In about 5 hours I can get 30k arrows which is a very good profit.

#2 Snape grass

Snape grass is located on the shore by the crafting guild. in keeps respawning there. Fill up your inventory then go bank it in Fally. Repeat.

Some people say you can sell snape grass for 500 each. Not true. You will be lucky to get 250(or more) each for them.

Note: i have had 3 people proove me wrong about the price. They all claim that they have sold snape grass for a higher price.

Note: I got bored after the first 5 minuts and do not recomend this one.

Chapter #3: Getting closer

#1 Runes

You can go to any rune shop but i prefer the one in the wild(lvl 55 wild).This is the mage arena shop. They usually have 200+ nats and laws in stock. The only problem is getting there. Sometimes there is a person at the tele spot waiting to kill you. Go in un-crowded worlds and bring an axe or weapon to cut through the spider web. After you get in there is a bank

Note: You are safe in the store

You can also buy chaos and death

Get out all of your cash and buy all the nats or laws. Its usually a good idea to not buy both but to pick one of the 2. Laws can sell for 300-350 each and nats are 320+. Sell the runes on the forums.

This is a good profit.

#2 Full Rune

If you are lucky you can find a seller of full rune for 180k. The go back and sell it for 210k or so. Sell it on the forums or in world 1 or 2.

Its not the best way but it works

Chapter #4: Mills also known as Cha-Ching

#1 Unids

Like in chapter 1 we are using unids. The only difference is that before you were killing for them. Now you will be buying them. Buy as many unids as you can on the forums. Make sure its 11 stacks. Buy them all for 1k each. After you have bought all of the unids go back and make a post called Selling unids 1.2k each. If you had 500k and spent them all on unids you will have 500 unids. When you go back and sell these for 1.2-1.3k each you will end up with 600k. Thats a good profit. Then repeat. Each time you will have more money which means more unids and then with selling means even more cash.

#2 Super Sets

You can buy super sets on the forums for 8k each. Get about 100 (costs 800k) and then go to world 18. You can sell them there for about 10k each. This is roughly 1 million gold.

#3 Range pots

buy them for 3k each on the forums and sell them for 4k each.

Chapter 5: Multi Millions

#1 Whips

I have been told (on page 4) that you can merchant whips by buying them for 1.8 mill and lower and selling them for 2 mill or higher.

#2 Unids

If I were you i would continue to do unids for the more money have the more money you will make.

#3 Yews

Note: Fill me in on the current price This one may not work if the price has changed to much.

last time i checked you could go to world 1 varrok and buy yews for 220 each. Then you can go and sell them on the forums for 230+ each. This may not seem like a lot of cash but think about this:

5 mill divided by 220 is around 22k yews.
If you then go and sell them for 230 each you will have 5.2 mill

You can do this methed very fast so you will be making mills in no time.

#4 Sharks

I would buy them in world 18 for 900 each and sell them on forums or in the same place for 1k each. 100 gp profit so its not bad.


Im not very good in rares but have heard ythey are a great way to make money if you can afford them

The best time to buy a rare is around the holiday it was made on (like santa you would buy around christmas)and then you sell it when the price goes back up

Blue masks
you can buy them for 33.6 mill and sell them for 34-34.2 mill

pretty good profit.

New Quests/Skills

For me this means cash

whenever there is a new skill or quest i get busy.

for example. when construction came out i made and easy 1 mill a day for the first week. I would buy limestone from the store for like 20 each and sell it on forums for up to 2k each.

lol i cant wait for hunting(the next new skill)

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