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Monday, October 22, 2007

Money Guide:Woodcutting

Of course one of the simplest ways of making money is woodcutting. Although this can be extremely boring the rewards are reasonable, and it is such a simple skill!
Start off on normal trees, of course. Now before the release of Construction I would have said burn or drop the logs [F2P] or fletch into shafts [P2P] but I now advise banking the logs! Normal logs are now fairly easy to sell to people in World 1 for F2P or on the forums for P2P (sell for anywhere between 20 – 100gp ea!).
Alternatively you can turn these into planks [P2P] at the sawmill for the cost of 100gp/log and sell for up to 500gp ea (check current selling prices before doing this)! A good method for making planks without needing to walk to/from bank is the use of servants. If your Construction is 30+ a great and fast method is to cut logs or oak logs outside of the Rimmington portal, then with a full inventory head inside and tell your servant to take the logs to the sawmill (Cooks or better). Remember, each servant can only take a certain amount of logs at a time, and there is a cost involved so bring money. Servants also demand pay at regular intervals.
Whatever method you choose, cut these until level 15 WC. Personally I would cut into shafts to increase my fletching later (if you are P2P of course).

At level 15 Woodcutting start cutting oak logs and either bank for selling or make into planks for a cost of 250gp/plank. These sell for anywhere between 750gp – 1000gp per plank (check current prices on forums) so can be very good money! For F2P there are a lot of members that buy oak logs just outside of the West Varrock Bank on World 1, so look for a good price J. Cut these until 30 WC.

At level 30 Woodcutting start cutting willow logs at Draynor Village. This is right next to the bank so bank all of your logs. These sell for 30 – 40gp per log to P2P fletchers so for F2P sell in World 1 Draynor Bank or P2P on the forums. Easier sales and better prices for more logs of course.

At level 45 Woodcutting P2P’s can cut Maple logs. These are not as fast as Willows but sell for 100gp+ and can be found right next to Seer’s Bank. If you prefer faster XP stick to Willow logs.

At level 60 Woodcutting you can cut Yew logs. These are great for money, selling for between 250gp – 300gp per log! At level 60 Yew’s take a long time to cut a full load so personally I would recommend you continue cutting Willow logs, as they still make reasonable money but much faster XP. There is also the hassle of competing with the huge number of Autoer’s on every F2P world so keep this in mind if you choose to cut Yews at level 60 WC.

Personally I would continue cutting Willows until 70 WC, then move to Yew logs. P2P players could also try cutting Maples at around level 60 and see how this goes, but I used Willows until level 70.

At level 70 Woodcutting I cut Yew logs until level 75 then cut Magic Logs [P2P] below seers. Magic logs take a long time to cut at level 75 so it is advisable to continue cutting Yew logs until around level 80 WC, which will allow you to cut Magic logs a little bit faster and also make a fair bit of money too. Magic logs sell for between 900gp – 1100gp each. With the logs cut you can choose to sell, fletch [P2P] or burn them! It is up to you.

Log Cutting Chart:
Level 1 – 15 = 97 Normal Logs
Level 15 – 30 = 439 Normal Logs, 293 Oak Logs
Level 30 – 45 = 714 Willow Logs
Level 45 – 60 = 3,145 Willow Logs, 2,123 Maple Logs
Level 60 – 70 = 6,873 Willow Logs, 4,639 Maple Logs, 2,651 Yew Logs
Level 70 – 75 = 7,005 Willow Logs, 4,728 Maple Logs, 2,702 Yew Logs
Level 75 – 80 = 7,757 Maple Logs, 4,433 Yew Logs, 3,103 Magic Logs
Level 80 – 99 = 63,134 Yew Logs, 44,194 Magic Logs

Willows from 30 – 70 as advised = 7,587
Yews from 70 – 80 as advised = 7,135

Try to make this skill interesting by chatting to people at the various trees, there will usually be a number of other people there!


One of my least favourite skills of all time, mining can be an excellent moneymaker once you hit level 85. I will keep this guide simple as I don’t know the best methods for training either of these, with my max levels in each being only 70 and 68 respectively.
Start out mining tin and copper. I personally mine from level 1 – 15 on Tin, then mine the same number of copper. Mining 150 of both Tin and Copper will get you to 21 Mining and the ability to use a mithril pick, which will make mining Iron easier than using a steel pick! Make sure to bank these ores, with a close mine to the bank being East Varrock mines. Smelting and smithing all of these ores will get you to 16 Smithing, so you will be able to smith Iron Bars.

Once you have reached 21 Mining you can mine iron! A good spot is the Rimmington mines, especially if you are a P2P with 30+ Construction. The servant can take your ores to the bank for you, and the mine is right next to the portal! This is even faster than power mining and dropping Iron ores in my opinion, and way less clicking! Iron ore is great money selling at 100gp+ per ore. Smithing these into bars is very profitable for members with a Ring of Forging which will make 140 Bars at 100% success (5 loads) otherwise the success rate is only 50%.

I would keep mining iron until level 60 Mining so you can enter the Miners Guild in Falador just below the bank. Smith only the amount of Iron needed to gain 30 Smithing then leave the rest for smithing Steel bars later (see numbers below). At level 60 Mining you can start mining coal in the guild for good money or for making steel bars, or if you would rather the XP you can keep mining Iron (power mining or banking, whichever is preferred). Personally I advise raising smithing WITH your mining rather than wasting the ores. I THINK coal becomes fairly easy to mine in the guild at around level 70, plus you have the advantage of mining the Adamantite ores in the Scorpions Lair just next to the guild through the gate along with the Mithril ores scattered through the two areas. Remember, crowded worlds have faster respawn on ores but more competition! Choose one that is right for your level.

For high-level mining do whatever you want to! I have never had mining above 70 so this is unknown to me. A fast way to raise is power mining Iron but if you would rather make money by all means mine coal and sell for 200gp+ per coal (check these prices).

It is advisable to smith everything you make at least into bars! Bars sell for a lot more than the ores would but take time to smith. It all depends on whether you like the skill ore not, but it reaps its rewards like most other skills!

Level 1 – 21 = 287 Copper/Tin
Level 23 – 60 = 7,678 Iron
Level 60 – 70 = 13,254 Iron, 9,278 Coal
Level 70 – 85 = 72,028 Iron, 50,420 Coal

Smithing (smelt and smith):
Level 1 – 15 = 129 Bronze
Level 15 – 30 = 293 Iron (at 100% success rate – more without Ring of Forging)
Level 30 – 55 = 1600 Steel
Level 55 – 70 = 11,569 Steel, 7,954 Mithril
Level 70 – 85 = 45,836 Steel, 31,513 Mithril, 25,210 Adamantite

As you can see, mining and smithing is A LOT of work, but with Rune Ores selling at around 12k each ore, it is certainly worth the effort!


Fletching is one of the most commonly raised member skills, as it offers a great way to make money in conjunction with High Alchemy (Level 55 Magic). This is a member’s only skill!

Simply put fletching is cutting logs into bows/arrows! To start off you should cut normal logs to make arrow shafts. If you have the money to spare I advise buying 1,000 normal logs and turning them all into shafts, then add feathers to the shafts. ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE MONEY SPARE:
· Buy 1,000 normal logs and fletch into 15,000 Arrow shafts
· Buy 15,000 feathers (150K) and attach to shafts to make headless arrows
· Buy 1K Iron Bars and make 15,000 Arrowheads (20 smithing required)
· Attach heads to headless arrows making 15,000 Iron Arrows!

The above method costs approximately 400,000Gp (logs = 50ea, feathers = 10ea, bars = 200ea) with a 450,000Gp return selling Iron arrows at 30 ea! This also gets you to level 46 Fletching with the ability to make Willow Long Bows (plus an extra 6 levels)!
If you don’t have the money for the aforementioned guide, keep cutting arrow shafts until you reach 20 Fletching for Oak Short Bows, I personally wouldn’t bother making normal bows as it is annoying having to drop them, and arrow shafts are stackable! At level 20 start making Oak bows and continue making the best bow you can for as long as you can! Great way to raise Woodcutting at the same time, but make sure you are close to a bank so you don’t need to drop all of the bows! Another method is to cut all of the logs first then stand at the bank withdrawing logs, fletching then depositing and withdrawing more. Choose the best to suit your style of play – cutting and fletching straight away is more interesting than constant cutting and constant fletching but the choice is yours!

After fletching the 15,000 Arrow Shafts I bought 17,000 Willow Logs to get me to 70 Fletching (only 16,878 from level 40). DO NOT attach ANY strings to these, as it is not worth it! Stringing bows is VERY tedious and costs more for the same XP! Strings cost around the 150gp/string area, and strung bows give 2x the XP as unstrung bows. Therefore a strung Willow Long costs around 190gp whilst two unstrung Willow Longs costs around 80gp to make. Less than half the costs and WAY less clicking! You can sell the Unstrung Bows to the general store (not sure on price when store is maxed), drop them, sell them, keep them as a memento or give away to low levels or anyone that wants them!

At 70 Fletching you start making money from Yew Longs! Either cut or buy Yew logs (buy at 250gp from F2P or up to 300gp on F2P forums) and pick & spin or buy strings. BOTH methods make profit, it just depends on how much you want and the time you are willing to spend doing it!
It costs, to make one Yew Long (using logs = 250ea, string = 150ea) 400gp, and the selling price on mass Yew Longs (i.e. 1,000+) is 600gp ea! That’s 200gp profit per bow!
If you have 55 Magic you can use the great method of high alchemy to raise your mage level. This is a great way for members to make money whilst training mage, and is the reason for the insane Runescape economy! Strung Yew Long Bows alchemy for 768gp/bow and alchemy uses one nature rune per spell (whilst using a fire staff). You can buy the resources for a Yew Long plus the spell for 700gp (Bow = 400gp as above, Nature rune = 300gp) meaning 68gp profit per bow! This doesn’t sound like a lot but if you are alchemising 1,000 Yew Long Bows [notes] that is 68,000Gp profit, plus 65,000 Magic Experience (65xp per cast)! AMAZING!

At 85 Fletching the profit becomes even greater, with the ability to make Magic Long Bows which alchemy for 1,536gp/bow. You can buy the resources for a Magic Long plus the spell for 1,450gp (logs = 1,000gp, string = 150gp, Nature rune = 300gp) meaning 86gp profit per bow! If you alchemise 1,000 Magic Longs Bows [notes] that is 86,000Gp profit, plus 65,000 Magic Experience. AMAZING!

Another method that I used at level 75 Fletching was making Rune Arrows. These are fairly easy to sell on the forums or in World 2/18, the main PK-ing Worlds, in Edgeville. For this method I sell at 400gp/arrow.
For a start buy however many headless arrows you will need, depending on how many you want to make. Headless arrows cost around 15gp – 20gp each. Go to the Catherby range store and buy Rune Arrowheads from the store, ONLY if it is completely stocked to 100 Heads. If it is not completely stocked the prices WILL be higher! Buy all 100 arrowheads then world switch to the next world (SwiftSwitch or another trusted client comes in handy here) and continue buying arrowheads until you have 1,000 then use them with your headless arrows. Depending on your starting cash you may continue buying more, sell them now for profit or make LESS arrows than 1,000. It costs around 300gp – 330gp average per arrowhead (cant remember exact amount) after buying 100 arrowheads from the store. To maximise profits you can buy LESS from each store, meaning the price will not rise as high per arrowhead, but it will take a lot longer to make the same amount of arrows. Including world switching time, it takes me around 20 minutes to make 1,000 Rune Arrows. Now lets look at the profit for 1,000 Rune Arrows (selling 400gp each).
· Headless arrows = 15gp each
· Rune arrowheads = 320gp each (average after 100 purchased)
Therefore it costs 335gp to make 1 rune arrow. Making 1,000 will cost around 335,000Gp which means 65,000Gp profit in 20 minutes work! AMAZING!

Bows making chart (long bows):
Level 25 – 40 = 1,176 Oak Unstrung
Level 40 – 70 = 16,878 Willow Unstrung (CHEAPEST)
Level 70 – 85 = 16,807 Yew Strung

Arrows making chart (including shaft making + attaching feathers):
Level 1 – 15 = 7,307 Shafts (488 logs), 2,411 Headless Arrows
Level 15 – 30 = 2,860 Iron
Level 30 – 45 = 12,572 Iron, 7,607 Steel
Level 45 – 60 = 55,413 Iron, 33,528 Steel, 24,036 Mithril
Level 60 – 75 = 106,080 Mithril, 85,153 Adamantite
Level 75 – 85 = 136,545 Rune

Obviously Fletching is a great money mule for members!


Again, a skill I haven’t been able to raise the best I wanted to, fishing (with cooking) is an excellent way to make a boatload of money! If you put in the time and effort to get to 76 Fishing and 80 Cooking, the rewards are GREAT!

Starting off, go to Draynor Village with a small net and fish shrimp there. You can either do this until level 5 and baitfish or continue till level 20 (along with anchovies at level 15) so that you can move straight to fly-fishing. Personally I fish with a net until fly fishing, but remember to keep ALL of the fish you catch! It is better to have a HIGHER cooking level than fishing level so you don’t burn as much, therefore you don’t lose as much money! The advantage of being in Draynor village is that you can cut a tree down, start a fire and cook the food as soon as you have caught the fish, then bank and fish some more.
Here’s a smart guide just for cooking for those of you with LOW COOKING levels. Also good for getting some feathers for fly fishing later:
· Go to the chicken pen near Lumbridge and kill chickens
· Collect feathers and fill inventory with raw chicken
· The farmer’s building inside the fenced area has a “cooking pot”
· Use the chicken on the pot, then “cook all” chicken
· After all have been cooked, drop the chickens and go kill more

I did this to get me to 20 cooking on my new account then bought raw trouts to get 40 cooking, and it is still 1 fishing, so as fishing rises, the cooking level will get higher and will burn less by the time I get to lobsters! This works well to maximise money you earn later AND gain fishing supplies for fly-fishing!

At level 20 F2P and P2P should move onto Barbarian Village to fly fish Trout. It is smart to bring a tinderbox and axe to cook the fish here straight after catching, and it is up to you whether you drop or bank. Personally I would drop trout as they don’t sell very easily and it is a fairly long walk to the bank (Edgeville). Continue fishing trout until level 30, when you can catch salmon with fly-fishing. You can catch a number of different fish using bait fishing but I personally find fly fishing all the way easier, without the hassle of buying more supplies like a rod and bait. At level 30 fishing you will catch a lot more trout than you will salmon, but keep cooking and dropping everything, as they are not worth selling in my opinion. Continue fly-fishing until level 60! YES, level 60.
At level 40 it is easy to say “Sweet time to catch lobsters” but it isn’t worth your time just yet! It takes a LONG time to fish lobsters at level 40, even up to level 50! Trout/salmon fishing is very fast XP, so if you’re looking to raise your fishing and cooking level a little higher before moving onto lobsters stay with fly-fishing. If you raised your cooking level using the method above for getting level 20 before fishing, and you have cooked everything you have caught since beginning fishing, on reaching level 20 fishing you should have around 61 – 62 cooking! This means you will burn a lot less lobsters! At level 60 fishing P2P can move on to Catherby and start catching lobsters, whilst F2P can go to Karamja and catch lobsters there. It is VERY hard for F2P to make money from lobsters without being dedicated, so it’s all up to you! P2P should keep fishing and cooking lobsters until they can catch sharks, of course! The fishing guild becomes available for P2P at level 68 fishing, or you can use a fishing pot to get in at level 65. Here there are a lot of places for fishing lobsters and sharks, along with a bank and a range, which makes fishing easy as well as enjoyable whilst talking to a number of other skilled fishers!
At level 76 fishing it is fairly slow fishing sharks so you can keep catching lobsters till 80 whilst raising your cooking to 80, remembering that you cannot cook the sharks until you reach 80 cooking! Once you are fishing and cooking sharks you’re on the road to riches, as these sell for up to 1,000gp each!
A great, fast way to raise your cooking is by buying raw lobsters. This is costly so don’t do it if you don’t have the money. It has the potential to make back the money spent depending on how much you payed for raw lobsters! A smart idea is to go to F2P and buying raw lobsters for 225gp – 250gp each then cook and sell for 250 ea on the forums. I always cook in Catherby but I think there are closers spots (to a bank), I am not positive though. I used this method to go from 60 – 72 cooking, and at around 72 cooking you stop burning lobsters! A good quest to complete is the Family Crest quest, which you can get cooking gauntlets from. The cooking gauntlets stop you from burning as much food, so these are a must have for sharks!

Fishing Guide:
Level 60 – 76 = 11,808 Lobsters
Level 76 – 80 = 7,219 Lobsters, 5,906 Sharks
Level 80 – 99 = 100,440 Sharks

Before level 60, if you follow my guide, you will catch a mix of salmon and trout so I cant post an exact amount for you, sorry!
Obviously cannot do a cooking guide as cooking is random unless your cooking level is great enough to avoid burning them at all. I’m not sure on the levels needed for each fish, so I’ll leave that out. Remember to cook everything you catch! You will need the levels!


Farming! YES FARMING! This is an absolutely amazing moneymaker, from using just ONE METHOD! Level 32 farming is required but I’m hoping you have the basic knowledge to get those few levels, so I wont be posting that here. Basically though, just plant some seeds with super compost and make sure you water and check regularly. But onto the awesome money side of farming!

At level 32 farming you have the ability to farm ranarr weeds! In my opinion this is one of the BEST ways of making money, whilst still being able to train other skills! To farm ranarr weeds you need super compost, a rake, a spade and ranarr seeds.
For the purpose of this guide I will keep the cost of ranarr seeds at 20,000gp each, and the cost of super compost as 1,000gp each. The selling price of ranarr weeds will be 6,500gp each.

Lets say we bought 100 Ranarr seeds = 2,000,000gp
And we bought 100 Super compost = 100,000gp
Therefore total cost = 2,100,000gp

Now, each ranarr seed, when using super compost, yields an average of 7 ranarr weeds per seed, so from planting 100 seeds we will yield approximately 700 ranarr weeds!

Selling these ranarr weeds at 6,500gp each will get you 4,550,000gp!

Profit = Revenue - Cost
Therefore profit = 4,550,000gp – 2,100,000gp = 2,450,000gp!

You can farm 100 ranarr seeds in a matter of a few days! On my account I got from level 1 – 32 farming in just over a day, and farmed 100 ranarr seeds in 3 days. This is amazing profit and the best part is you don’t even have to be there! The beauty of farming herbs is that you rake the patch, super compost it and plant the seed, then let it sit there for 75 minutes (including offline time) without the need to water it! This means whilst the herbs are growing you can go fish, woodcut, fletch or whatever you desire!
I personally use the Falador South/Draynor, Catherby and Ardougne patches for growing herbs, and fish at the fishing guild whilst waiting for the herbs to grow. It is advisable to check up on your herbs to make sure they do not become diseased, which can easily be cured by using plant cure purchasable from any farming NPC near the patches! Hopefully this proves to you that this is NOT a worthless skill!


If you’re looking for the best way to make a lot of money then this skill is for you! I will show you three ways to raise your runecrafting, all with totally different styles and risks involved. Remember rune mysteries must be completed to runecraft!

METHOD 1 – Long and boring, but more profit
Method one is to buy all of your rune essence and craft it yourself, crafting the best rune you can when you can! This means running back and forth between the bank and the altar thousands of times rising it bit by bit! Sounds slow and boring? It is! But isn’t this the case with most skills when you are low levelled?
Personally I started on air runes and continued doing air runes until level 44! Below I will describe a method that made this MUCH easier for me to raise it quickly. Air runes are reasonably easy to sell compared with earth runes, fire runes and water runes as they are used in a large variety of spells.
At level 44 Runecrafting you can then make nature runes! I chose to skip making Chaos runes due to the danger of crafting them in the wilderness, so I will leave that out. You have two choices here defined in this method. Take all of your pure essence [noted] and go to the Karamja Jungle where the Nature Altar is, also taking with you a Nature talisman/tiara and some gold. You will then need to go to the general store (north-west of altar) and sell a “full load” (defined by the space in your inventory) of essence to the general store and buy it back in item form. This will cost a small amount to you, and is dangerous, as many people will try to steal the essence away from you, buying it before you get to! Boots of lightness come in handy as you must run to the general store and back to the nature altar a HUGE number of times! This is the longest and most boring way of runecrafting nature runes.
Once you achieve level 54 runecrafting you can craft law runes, well done! The altar is on Entrana and the talisman is a reward from the Troll Stronghold quest. You cannot take any armour or weapons to Entrana so keep this in mind before trying to go there from Port Sarim. Run back and forth from the Draynor bank to the Law Altar, and I’m sure that anyone who has ran for “Fast Free Laws on World 66 + 99” would know this route very well!

METHOD 2 – Way faster, costs more/less profitable
In method two you employ runners to work for you! This is not advisable unless your runecrafting is 33+ as that is when it starts to “break even” and you stop losing money for employing runners.
AIRS: Air runners are a potentially large business, especially if you are using a F2P world. You can offer two things: Cash payment or Air rune payment. Remember that the more runners who come to work for you, the faster you will gain XP, but the less profit you will make. For rich players the XP is usually the more desired of the two, and methods can be developed to retain some profit! Before choosing to use runners, search the Runescape forums for “Air Companies” that you may be eligible to join. A good idea is to offer 78 Air Runes per trip, which means that at level 33 Runecrafting you start making a decent amount of profit at a very fast rate!
NATURES: There are a number of nature crafting companies within the Runescape forums, or you can just start your own private company offering however much pay you want! Usual prices are between 9,000gp – 11,000gp per run. Obviously with high prices like these it is difficult to make a profit, so a lot of people choose to pay in Nature runes to runners, which may sometimes prove a better payment.
LAWS: There are a couple of very large law companies that offer “Laws for Ess” where crafters bring the original 26 essence [unnoted] and receive 26 law runes + 26 essence [noted]. Obviously this means you will be making no profit (it is actually a loss!) as a crafter but the XP is extremely fast, Worlds 66 + 99 being full at most times due to the large number of runners for the huge company operating there. Other companies also exist on a “No Return” basis where runners supply their own ess, which means you work at no profit but gain free XP!
As you can see, Method 2 does not bring a lot of money, and is mainly used as a way to gain XP quickly so that you can get to law runes or double natures!

METHOD 3 – Extremely fast, very risky but reaps rewards
Method 3 is of course crafting in the abyss. To do this you need to do the Mage of Zamarok mini-quest by talking to him around level 7 Wilderness above Edgeville. There are plenty of guides for doing that quest on fan sites so I’m not going into it here! Once the quest has been completed you can start crafting with the abyss! Remember to use as many pouches as you can at your level! It adds up, trust me!
The abyss is located in Level 7 Wilderness above Edgeville by choosing “Teleport” on the Mage of Zamarok.
To use the abyss I advise the following:
· Glory Amulet (as well as a 1 click teleport for those with safety concerns)
· Woodcutting Axe – any kind
· Low levels take cheap, light armour set like Green Dragonhide.
The armour is good as the abyss is a multi combat zone and you will get attacked by a swarm of abyssal monsters! There are a number of high-levelled monsters too, with the teleport spot being random, so watch out! You can get to the centre of the abyss by either going through the passage at the far north, or using one of the shortcuts around the circle. There is a number of each shortcut type, which requires different skills. By using a Woodcutting Axe you can chop through the tentacles, and then use thieving and agility to get through their respective shortcuts. Decent levels are required in these skills. Once inside the inner circle look for the portal with the picture of the rune you are trying to craft flashing inside the black area. You will know what I mean when you get there! Simply click on this portal to be transported there without the need of a tiara or talisman! Use the essence with the altar; empty the pouches then use the essence with the altar again. Un-equip your Glory Amulet and teleport to Edgeville, bank the runes and withdraw essence (filling pouches) then start the process again! This is the fastest way to craft runes, and also only involves the cost of rune essence (plus one time glory purchase)! It is advisable, if you have the money, to buy 10+ glory amulets so you only need to go charge them every 40 trips, which is just over 1,000 nature runes without pouches.
Please keep in mind that the abyss skulls you and drops prayer to 0, therefore when you are in the Wilderness you can be PK-ed by the dirty, filthy people that kill for the want of one glory amulet! L Just keep this in mind when selecting a world to craft on, as less crowded worlds is generally safer to craft on. If you see a team of PK-ers 7-10 levels lower or higher than you, DON’T use this world. It is too risky! Change worlds without a second thought; don’t try to outsmart them by being sneaky, as you will die a number of times.

Runecrafting Guide:
Level 1 – 44 = 11,130 Essence (Air)
Level 44 – 54 = 19,045 Essence (Air), 10,581 Essence (Nature)
Level 54 – 91 = 639,107 Essence (Nature), 605,470 Essence (Law)

As you can see, Runecrafting takes a lot of time and patience, but the money you gain is amazing. At current prices of around 90gp/pure essence, Runecrafters still make 210gp profit PER essence! At level 91 Runecrafting, crafters make 510gp profit PER essence! WOW! This is another skill that doesn’t require a high level to make high levels of money (44 Runecrafting ISN’T a high level people)!


So here it is, the core topic of most people’s guides but I will only cover it slightly! This is because the ‘secrets’ of merchanting aren’t really secrets, as everyone already knows them!
Firstly, merchanting is simply buying something cheap and selling it for more. This does not always mean on mass scale (like 100K willow logs) and is often LESS dangerous when doing one or two items such as a Whip, or a Barrows set.
For the following items I advise buying them for around 50,000gp – 100,000gp less than the normal market price (you need to check current price on forums) and selling for either the same price or slightly higher, but not to high that you drive away potential customers.
· Whips
· Barrows Sets
· Rare items – Santa Hats, Halloween Masks etc
Also remember that investing in “rares” for the future will gain you a HUGE amount of profit. Just look at how much prices have jumped in the last few months!
Other good items for merchanting on mass scales are Yew logs, Pure Essence (hard), Dragon/Cow hides, Dragon bones and Super Sets or Potion Potions.
Super Sets and Potion Potions:
These are a great way of making profit as many people buy these sets for PK-ing or fighting monsters such as Barrows. Buying Prayer (3) potions is easier to merchant than Prayer (4) potions.
Prayer potion (3)’s can be bought on member worlds for 6,500gp each, then sold on the forums at 7,000gp each. This is an easy profit of 500gp per unit.
Super set merchanting involves buying the three potions, Attack Strength and Defence, separately, then selling them as a set for 9,000gp – 10,000gp per set. The idea is to buy the potions separately at a total cost of less than 9,000gp per set. Here is a price guide for buying the potions for super sets (remember all potions are three dose).
· Super Attack Potion – 1,000gp each
· Super Defence Potion – 3,000gp each
· Super Strength Potion – 2,000gp each

I am unsure on current prices (check them on forums), but try these for a start in crowded places like World 2 Falador or Seers. Once you have a decent number of each (try to keep each amount even) go to the forums and post “Selling Super Sets – X Amount Each”, replacing the ‘X’ with however much you are charging per set!

· Never EVER use up all of your money buying items to merchant, as the item may become hard to sell and you are stuck with no back up money if you desperately need it.
· Watch for scammers! If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!
· Check the forum rises/drops in prices regularly; you don’t want to be paying more for items than they are worth or offering too little!
· If you want fast clearance but a little less profit I advise you keep your prices competitive and dominate the market! For example when Construction came out I merchanted Oak Logs, and when everyone was selling for 90gp – 100gp a log, I was selling at 80gp each. I bought and sold over 200,000 oak logs in less than two hours, still making 30gp profit per log!
· NEVER lower your prices to the BUYERS price. Always keep your prices where you want them (within reason of course) and buyers will eventually come around, even if it takes a little longer. Be firm, but not rude. You are a business man so present this image well for fast transactions!

That’s about all I am going to write for merchanting. It is becoming an increasingly hard method to use due to the huge number of people doing it. A good time to merchant is when there are a moderate number of people online. Too many equals more competition, too little equals no buyers!


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Well merchanting isn't a method to use anymore because of the gay updates...

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*sigh* Merchanting ded anyways like 3k profit Wowzers omg the updates are just soooo sht

Anonymous said...

MeRcHaNtS UsEd To RuLe ThE UpDaTeS HaVeD KiLlEd ThE MeRcHaNts FoR GoOd JaDeX HaVe ReCkEd ThE IdEa So No PoInT Of MeRcHaNtInG NoW

Anonymous said...

ThE UpDaTe InClUdE No PkInG No UnBaLaNcEd TrAdEs PkInG RePlAcEd By BoUnTy HuNtEr AnD ClAn WaRs WhIch ArE CrUdE AnD ShT

Anonymous said...

The whole guide was great except, merchanting doesn't exist anymore