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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Runescape: money making 4 pkers

This is a guide I made because most people don't know where, or how, to make money while having good fun pking.
In this guide I will share with you a few of the best ways to make money by pking.

#1. rune miners

Rune miners are a source of wealth if you are lucky enough to come across one.
It may require a bit of patience but if you can find a skiller clan then your hard work may just pay off.
Have a look on their forums and see if they have any special mining events planned. most skilling clans have this sort of thing to have something to do while making money/training their levels.

get a bunch of friends to come with you and kill a few of their members.
if they have a full inventory of rune ore you will get 280k just like that.
you can make mills per hour pking rune miners.

lone rune miners are also a good way to make money, although they are much harder to find, yet much, much easier to kill .

#2. WH pkers

World Hopping pkers have been around for ages, yet Jagex's new login screen prevents you from seeing what's happening around you for a few seconds after you log in. if you see someone even 5 levels higher than you login, go for it, they'll probably be too stunned to eat, put on prayer or teleport before you kill them.

#3. dotting
This is an old clan tactic that has been around forever, but it still works effectively every time.
all you need is a group of 5+ people to stand on top of each other around the dark knight's fortress/varrok wildy hill giants and wait for somebody to come. hopefully they won't notice how many people are standing there, and if you are lucky you'll be attacked.
just kill them, enough said.


This tactic is only availible to those players that received this years easter toy, the ring of easter(or something like that) that turns you into an egg when you wield it. this is very useful in the wilderness as people don't know what style of combat you are using, and many will just attack you because you look weak, or they want to see what happens because they've never seen an egg with a name before.
It really doesn't matter why they attack you, what matters is you owning their asses.

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