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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Runescape Money Making Runecrafting Guide

Don't have enough money to buy runes? In this guide, you'll learn how to make over 181 million gp by making runes.
This runecrafting guide includes mining rune essence, which I would recommend getting a high level. If you don't have high level mining or can't buy the essence, then read my Runescape Money Making Guide .

Before you start:
Complete the Rune Mysteries quest by first talking to the Duke in the Lumbridge castle. Bring the mysterious object to Sedridor in the Wizard Tower basement. Then, take it to Aubury in Varrock rune shop. Come back to Sedridor and you've finished the quest.

Level 1-22:
Go to Varrock and get a pickaxe (highest you can use). Mine 1,120 rune essence. Use the talisman from the quest and get a tiara. Then, go to Falador east bank. Go south to the air altar. Use the talisman on it, then use the tiara on the altar inside. Then wear the air tiara and go back to the bank. Get as much essence as possible from the bank and go back to the altar. This time you'll only have to click the altar to get inside. Keep doing this until you finish off the essence. When you're finished, you can sell the air runes or keep them.

Level 22-44:
Get 10,005 essence and make air runes. By this time, you should be able to make 3 air runes per essence. This makes a profit when buying for 30-35 each. You'll be able to sell the air runes 15-20 each. That means you make 15-25 profit per essence.

Level 44-55:
If you're a member, then get 12,332 pure essence and make natures. If you're f2p (free to play), then get 22,198 essence and make it into airs. Relax, you get profit if you're buying them. You can make 5 airs per essence. That means for 30-35 each essence, you get 45-65 profit per essence. That's over 1 million gp!

Level 55-66:
36,625 pure essence if you're making natures; 65,924 essence if you're making airs. Air-makers can make 6 airs per essence now. If you're making airs, that'll make you almost 4 million gp!

Level 66-77:
108,815 pure essence if you're making natures; 195,866 essence if you're making airs. Air-makers can make 7 airs per essence now. That's 14 million gp!

Level 77-88:
323,355 pure essence if you're still making natures; 582,039 essence if you're making airs. Air-makers can make 8 airs per essence now. That's over 52 million gp!

Level 88-99:
960,962 pure essence if you're making natures; 1,729,731 essence if you're making airs. Air-makers can make 9 airs per essence now. At level 91, nature-makers can make 2 natures per pure essence. At level 99, air-makers can make 10 airs per essence. That's over 181 million gp!!!


Anonymous said...

Lol nice way of cash made me about 500k and im only a lvl 6 f2p so now i have a better future of runescape ahead of me

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