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Thursday, October 11, 2007

RS Money Guide: how to make money

first of all post all of your ways of making runescape money and ask questions!!!! ok first of all high alch is very useful (lvl 55).


fishing can be a great to make money once you get into the higher lvls. when ur around 40-80 fishin to lobbies. Either sell raws 200-300 each or cooked 100-150 each ( because they want cooking exp i do raws ). Once u hit 80 its time for some serious money!!! now that u r in fishing guild and u can do sharks!! ( warning: extreme burn caution for sharks ). get raws or cooked they sell 1k each!!! or use them for your own good ( pking/traning ).

mining/smithing: smithing and mining start out as bad ways of making money so get ur smithing to 48 and mining to 60 ( guild ). now that yourare in the guild get your mage to 55 for high alchemy. Mine 2k coal and 1k iron (135k mining exp) and smelt steel bars. you should get something aroud 20k smithin exp. Now go and make your self 200 steel pl8s. now high alch those for 1.2k each. i suggest making nats but its your choice( if ur f2p then u have to buy them ). Note all of your steel pl8s and high alch all of them. This should give u a decent profit of around 230k. Keep doing this until mithril pl8s. Do the same thing over and over till addy etc. At rune u will be raking up so much money you wont even know it!!! I prefer to smith and sell instead of sell the ores but then again its your choice.

Tresure trails: my advice for low lvers ( lvl 3-35 ) is to get clues from al kharid warriors i did this and trained here all day and got like 10 clues a day pretty sweet

lvl 2 clues i advise lvl 35-60 for these. pages are great and if u r really lucky mage or range boots. i have only gotten like 3 of these so im not that experienced in this part of tt.

lvl3 clues lvl 70+ i suggest green dragons(very highly recommended), blue dragons, hellhounds i found maging or rangint these are best i have gotten 5 clues from these guys and gotten a guthix pl8 though. But you must be readt to fight the zammy or sara wizards they are very difficult. if ur clew leads you into wildy always bring tele runes because you may get reward sara helm for example the a pker comes and kills you so I would bring tele runes jus for some advice.

Extra note on zammy and sara wizards: zammy wizards are sinch, just bring a pray pot, and protect from mage the whole way and they are toast.

Sara wizards: these are much tougher, when you put protect from melee he uses magic, vice versa. Bring anti pot, and using protect from mage is much easier than the other way around

wood cutting/fletching: This is my favorite way of making money at lvl 1-5 make bronze arrows for a tiny profit. Then at lvl 5-20 make regular shorts and longs ( make sure to string them unless high wc for now ( 30+ ). Now make oaks until level, 35 these are very easy if u have 50+ wc. It wont take long until u have 35 fletching. now time to move onto willows. ( u should have addy or rune axe with 40+ wc for these. These are great fletching and wc exp as about 20-30k exp an hour in fletch and 30-35k exp an hour in wc. This might take a while to get to 50 for maples but in the long run its worth it. Right now you could be making steel arrows or mith ( lvl 45 ) for some money but I don't like paying for arrow heads. So if I were you stick with bows for a little profit. now that u are on maples you should definately have rune axe and 60+ wc if not,stick with willows. Now make mass maple short and longs until yews yaya! Once you get yews now money starts multiplying You get 400 each yew short and 768 each long. make a bunch of yew long bows around 4k longs and high alch for like 3 million! You should now be able to make magics and cut them ( i suggest 80+ wc ). These high alch for around 900 ea!!! Once you have 85 fletching you are a master money maker!!! These high alch for 1.5k ea o yea Get 10k magic longs and high alch for.....15 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now u are a master money maker making around like 200k an hour. Eventually your wood cutting will be 99 and same with flethcing and your per hour rate should raise to 300k!!!! thats if you play 8 hours sp... 2.4 million in a day!!!!

crafting: This isn't great for money but in the long run there are some great rewards.

First get cow hides and make stuff untill you are level 40 crafting ( I hired workers and payed them like 10 ea hide!! they are noobs )! Now that we are in the guild make buches of holy symbols if f2p and unholy if p2p. You will get to lvl 60 pretty quickly. With all the gems you got from mining silver an gold get them cut and make ammys and enchant them for some money. Now dragon hides!!! Buy all green hides 1k each and just mas craft them. If no one is selling go kill some your self or stick with holy/unholy symbols. Blue dragonhides are best, everybody is selling and you can craft them and make lots of good money. Same with red dragonhides but not really with black hides. I suggest just stay with bluedragonhides. You can make like 100k an hour from green hides and 150k an hour from bluehides.

runecrafting: Do the rune mysteries quest to start the skill. Now make airs ( get an air talisman from quest ) and make air runes till lvl 30. Now if p2p make cosmics ( need to of done lost city quest ) or if f2p make minds. if u have ring of dueling you can make fires lightning quick( go to dueling place make fires tele to varrok or fally deposit repeat. or make earths cuz they r closest to bank. Now get ur self to 44 rc. Now you can make nats. quick way: get 1k essence, 40k, and nature tally. go craft runes, sell essence to bank, rebuy in real form and repeat. Sell nats for 300-500 ea or use for high alch. Make cosmic and sell 400 each, either choice is good for money.

merchanting: Not my favorite way of making money but if you are good I would try it out. First get 100k to start out with. Simple way of thinking about merchanting is buy low sell high. Rare items are good same with trimmed armor. Only do stuff that buys for big bucks or else u arent making much money


Well, dueling is a money making way with its ups and downs, and your goal is to get more ups than downs lol. Dueling is most profitable being a high lvl pure, staking ammounts of 100-1mil at a time. I wouldn't stake over that because if you lose your in big trouble. Never stake all your money, because if you lose, you can't duel for money because you have no money. A good dueling character has a hard name to look up (ex: 00 00 000 0). Then they won't see your good stats and may be up to the challenge. Make sure before the duel starts, to make sure your good skill isn't blocked by the other player. Staking items that are rare may make the opponent merge and fight you. Always use the best stuff you have,

Ex: rangers: rune arrows (p) (suggested)
wizards: God staff and the bloods and whatever other rune.
Warrior: full rune d weapon that simple.

When making money don't sound overconfident, and don't show all your stuff. Sorta make it look like you have full rune on, with 40 defense, but then when game starts, throw out the full blk d hide. Soldiers that can use range, hit and run tactics are important if playing with obstacles, (highly recommended when playing warriors). Well, stake an ammount you want to win and have a startegy in mind and play it to the death.

Pking*: first of all pures and high food is highly recommended. note: the higher the lvl the harder it gets.

first of all warriors: start with high strength 60+ and attack 40. get a rune baxe and jus smash away u will probably get killed so bring good food as mentioned earliar. if against a ranger or mage and ur losing try to lead them through trees.
i have seen lvl 40s with 80 mage its insane!!! so against rangers jus use ur crush and dont give up. put on all armor which should be addy or higher. there arent many tactics for warriors but here are some good places.

dark warrior castle: this is for low lvls cus in teleporting range.
bandit camp: only good for some xtra food but not many people hang out here
boneyard: farely good but watch out lvl 30 wildy so expext many pkers.
rune rocks. my favorite jus watch out many high lvlrs hang out here too so u may jus get destroyed.

rangers: thesse are most effective in lvls 20-40. u cna dominate any1 including warrior no tactics jus go straight for them. rangers are unstopabable if pure.

mage: this is very flexible. best in lvls 60+. fire blast is highly chose by mages so i use it too. never be scared if mage jus snare, then blast then he dead keep coming with tips and guides! hope this helped a lil.

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This works way better then other sites, though sal's site is rocking. Try to improve in how much time it takes to do some of the things you tell me is a good way to make money! It took me a long time to do one of these things! Other then that this web site is way better then Sal's site. I love this site other then how long it takes to do it.