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Saturday, October 20, 2007

RS Money Guide:Masons Guide to Millions!

I'm sure you have seen many guide claiming to make you rich on the forums, sure you might make 100k in a few days? But here in my guide you could be earning up to 100k in a 10 minutes, no skills required! So stop counting your pennies and prepare to count your MILLS!


~ Method One -
~ Method Two
~ Method Three
~ Method Four
~ Method Five
~ Method Six - NEW AND UPDATED!
~ Popular scams - NEW AND UPDATED!
~ Tips to save you cash! - UPDATED!
~ Form to fill in to show your success! - NEW!


Method One

I'm sure you've seen people buying "unids" before? Well they're unidentified herbs. Obtain theese from killing chaos druids in taverly dungeon... They drop 1-2 Herbs at a time and they sell for 1k each! Plus because they're level 13 you could get 100s an hour!!!!


Method Two

Now you must of heard of flax right... I can describe it in one word YAWN! It takes about 2 hours to pick 1000? Well since so you already have over 100k from the first method buy 1k flax for 100k then spin it into bowstrings and sell them 180gp each! It takes around 25 minutes to spin 1k flax! Do this till you have double your money and prepare to get your first few MILLS... Without doing a thing!

Method Three!

Ok, you have around 300k-500k (Well done ). But dont stop there... prepare to turn thats 400k into 1600k (1.6MILLION COINS)

Find a low level member, be nice to him them offer him a job. Tell him collecting snape grass, take him down to the crafting guild (just behind it) and tell him to pick the snape grass of the floor and bank it and when he has 1000 you will give him 100k. The low level will be over the moon and he will think you are GOD! But wait... Why pay some Newb 100k for 1000 pieces of snape grass? Well its simple! That snape grass sell for 400gp each! So you get 4k snape and sell for 400gp each = 1.6 MIL!


Method Four!

So you still have about 1 Million gp after buying your dream weapons and armour or whatever . Time to make some serious cash!

This is what you do... Buy all half keys 20k each (make sure you buy about 50 teeth halfs and about 50 loop half) and if someone saying "N0013 1t5 2Sk J0o Fr00b" or sumet stupid like that ignore them as they will come running back to you in around 2 minutes. Now connect both the half keys together to make a crystal key. And go to the chest in taverly and use the key on the chest! You get an uncut d stone and mostly rune bars, ores or other gems. So lets see... You started with 1mil, got 50 d stones and sell thoose for 65k each = 3.25Mil!! plus you still got the rune bars and stuff... They're 14k each rune bars! Do this again with your 3m, 150 half keys or 75 crystal keys, 75 d stones = 4.875M!! You are now really rich!

Method Five

Remember method one? gathering unids? You may of thought why do people buy unids for 1,000 gold pieces each!?! Well i am about to tell you. You need 25 herblore for this, please find a herblore guide before asking me anything . Follow the steps bellow when your 25 herblore.

1: get around 500k+ (the more the better)

2: Buy unids 1k each and make sure they're a good amount of stacks (like 7+).

3: Identify one from each pile until you come across a rannar.

4: identify all the rannars all leave the rest as unids.

5: Sell the rannars 7K each

6: you can either sell the ones you cant identify for 2k each as above rannar herbs or sell the lot for 1.2k each on the forums!

I made over 23MILLION GP doing this in around 10 days, 2.3Mil a day... Not bad work! Congratulations you are now rich enough to buy rare items like santa hats!


Method Six!

So now you must be pretty darn rich . You can do whatever you want with your cash right? But hold on... Why stop there? I mean sure, you can buy a SANTA HAT but why not move onto Party hats? Read this.

Herblore is a great way to make money, very hard to level though... remember when you sold your unids before for 2k each that were over rannar? Well you must of thought why do people buy them... and how do they know if they are above rannar or not. Well they get 1 of every hard above rannar and fill there invent with say... cabbage or some over junk and if you try to sell them a herb under rannar it will say you have no space as the herb can't fit into any of the piles... This is a win/win bet buying unids above rannars and you can either get a friend to identify them for you or yourself. You will find every herb above rannar is over 2K, you can't lose, this is how people make billions!

Popular Scamms

So you have millions of gp, even billions. You may want to look after that money though. You are now rich, you are a TARGET to hackers and the first thing i want to tell you all about it account saftey.

1 = No matter what you level please DO stronghold of security.!
2 = Is your pass abc123? Change it! Something like xyzacb39153 (make sure you pass is as long as possible)
3 = Some wierd guy asking you questions like who's your favourit band? ignore him if theese questions sound like your recovery questions!
4 = All advice from the stronghold of security should be taken SERIOUSLY!

So Your account MUST be safe (sorry to frighten you) a few other things you should keep in mind are listed here...

~ Free armour trimming doesn't exist!

~ In the game "4" and "k" look the same so 1000k (1M) may look like 10004 (10k)

~ Downloading runescape stuff, anything from guides to even auto-ers (please don't use them) contain keyloggers that can figure out your pass! Stay aware!

~ Free cash and 99 skills if you give me your account details is a very bad scamm!

~ Remember, never enter the wild with ANY valuables incase you want to lose them! Lures like come to my drop party in lvl 10 wild cause i drop 500M cash is a SCAMM!

Tips to save you cash!

~ buying 1 law for 1k is a big NO! Buy 100 for 30k to save you time + cash!

~ Buying quest items for 5K (like rope) Is a big no, just go get it yourself

~ Training magic? It is better xp and cheaper to high alch yew longs than teleport to camelot over + over again.

~ I have millions now, why shouldn't i pay 10k more for an item? This adds up! Remember!

~ This New comer wants some cash of me... Don't give him money just tell him about my guide!

~ Some guy claims he will stake 200Mil for my 10M. Don't stake your money strait away, look up his/her stats first and look out for rule changes.


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