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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Runescape: Market - Buying/Selling

Knowing how and when to market an item is important. Read this guide if you like to make money without having to lvl up a trade skill or chance loosing ur armor when you go out to PK someone.


1. Rune Ess

2. Big Bones

3. Store Trading

Ok first tip. Know what you want to buy/sell and how much its worth. Here are some things that are very usefull and easy to buy/sell and help boost a new players money reserves.

1. Rune Ess - These can only be mined once you have completed the rune mysteries quest. Once completing the quest you will be able to teleport to the Ess world from either the wizzard tower, varrock south of east bank or somewhere in fally I don't know where that is. Rune Ess can be mined at lvl1 and dont take very long. A dedicated person can mine over 2k per half our but this is incredibally boring so try and do like 500 a day and then do whatever u like.

Rune Ess sell anywhere from 10-50gp ea. This may not seem like much but when you have mined 1,000 rune ess and you find somone willing to buy for 50ea then thats 50k withought lvling up any skill but mining. ( Rune Ess do not lvl up ur mining much so if you are focused on getting mining exp do it on other ores. ) This does take some time and the rewards are pretty nice if you do it alot and any player can do this lvl 3 - whatever lvl u are.

2. Big Bones - Big bones are usually aquired at the cave east of barb village from the lvl 28 hill giants dwelling there. A Key is required to get in the door to the entrance of the cave and can be aquired by killing someone with it, finding someone who dropped one, or buying one from another player. Sometimes the general store will have it but only idiots will sell a key for a low price when new players want them. If you wish to find the key yourself go to the ladder by the yew trees in edgville and walk until just before the hill giants section and their is a room that diverts off to the east. The key is there and is respawning so you can get it mutiple times and hand them out to friends. ( or noobs and watch them die and take their stuff lol ) Big bones can be sold from about 150ea to 350-400ea. So as you can see it is very nice if you are any good at killing a lvl 28 hill giant. *P.S. Bring some food this things hit hard. You may also find some nice items being dropped. Yesterday i got an uncut dimond, but mostely they will drop iron items and limpwort roots. ( used in str pots )

3. Store Trading( example ) Arrows. One thing that is reletively fast is looking in Lowes archery store ( or any other store for that matter ) and finding a type of arrow that is low. I.E. Say the store only has 1 addy arrow left and you can sell for like 200 ea to this store. Go to another world that has like 1000 addy arrows and buy for like 80 ea then go sell for a 20 ea profit. This is very hard to do and takes a long time. I only suggest you do it if you are desprate for money.

Ok one last thing. I suggest that you keep a reserve of money. Like 10k or something that you set that you will never use unless you are out of money and want to make more again. Example. You are pked and lose everything you have. Go to bank and withdraw the 10k you kept and buy ess 20 ea. Go to world 1 and sell for as high as you can ( 40-50 ea ) and repeat the process until you have as much money that you need and keep a reserve again.

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